16. December 2017 - 20:00

IO Saturnalia! | SoHo Bar and Grill | Saturday, 16. December 2017

"Io Saturnalia!" = "Hooray! It's Saturnalia!"
Saturnalia is the ancient Roman celebration that eventually became Christmas. A week-long party where the rich and poor traded places, and drank and ate to their hearts content, this Pagan celebration was in homage to Saturn- whom many incarnations later would become Santa!
Traditionally running from December 17-23, Anne Moniz, Singer-Songwriter's full band experience Nimway is hosting a kick-off party featuring some great live music, as well as some fantastic product/merch vendors! It's like a party/indoor market/live music showcase! (Actually, that's exactly what it is! And just in time for some last-minute gift shopping! ATM ONSITE!!!)
PRIZES FOR BEST COSTUME! Masquerade as your favourite Pagan diety, demon, fairy- or pull out your best toga to win amazing prizes! Show us your costume, get a raffle ticket, raffle draw is at MIDNIGHT!

-Gift certificates to SoHo Bar and Grill
-Beauty care packages from Myne Studio
-Tickets to Shock Stock
-Glassware from The Hippy Co.

-Awesome Oddities (nerd/Otaku accessories & jewellery)
-Happy Rock Holistics (natural bath & beauty products)
-Moon of Retribvtion (witch-inspired art & accessories)
-Broken To Black (original t-shirt & print art)
-MystiqShop (handmade jewellery & accessories)
-Msmediafrenzy, Westminster Park, Nimway, and other band merch!
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-Westminster Park
-Jake Locking
-Leanne Mayer Music
-Bill Needham from the amazing group Broomsticks & Hammers performs his original song "Saturnalia"!

-Christopher Campbell (FenyxFyre) performance artist, joined by the lovely Stacey Annatomy Porter
-Shock Stock vintage peepshow (all proceeds going to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada!)

-Hot apple cider (crockpot style) $3.00, $5.50 with rum
-Saturnalia Suds (pomegranate sparkling wine with fruit) $5.50
-Hail Caesar! (a classic Caesar with all the trimmings) $5.50
  • News/Approximate set times: Doors - 8pm Bill Needham (Broomsticks & Hammers) "Saturnalia" - 8:30pm Leanne Mayer Music - 8:45pm Jake Locking - 9:30pm Westminster Park - 10:15pm Nimway - 11:15pm Prize giveaways - Midnight Please note that other activities will be going on throughout and these are just guidelines! Event submissions were made to local papers and they were not included in many, so please share this event with your friends and loved-ones so we can make this a success! Definitely looking to make this a yearly event, so let's get the word out there- and thank you for your ongoing support! :)
  • Still deciding what to wear on Saturday? Many cultures celebrate Yuletide by dressing as animals and otherworldly spirits! I expect to see a couple of Krampus', maybe even a Santa LOL Mostly, come as yourself and let the energy flow while we entertain you with a night packed with activities to inspire and excite! Don't forget to show us your outfit so that we can give you a raffle ticket for your chance to win some amazing prizes! Draw is at MIDNIGHT! <3
  • I thought this was a sweet story and wanted to share with you :) I am so thrilled at the positive response IO Saturnalia! is receiving, and I want to THANK YOU all for your amazing support as we near the event. Do you have any Yuletide traditions or stories that are your favourites? Please share in comments! Much love~
  • Part of Westminster Park's band merch setup will be Msmediafrenzy (Melissa Parrott). She will be selling some beautiful greeting cards, homemade moulded wax crayons, and other neat stuff perfect for stocking stuffers and gift bags! Don't forget there will also be band merch! Shirts, bags, CD's, vinyl... It's going to be great! See you there~
  • Some positive vibes on a Monday morning: Though belief has always been the cause of much violence throughout history, our ancient ancestors were (believe it or not) very much open to the traditions of others, much like we are (for the most part) today. They acknowledged the importance of the legacies of rival cultures, and adapted them instead of abolishing them completely. Santa is one example of this phenomenon; a complex character of mixed origin, with ties to nearly every culture on the planet. All of our philosophies are simply part of a bigger divine truth. The stories we use teach children morals, and give examples of what our societies deem as "good" and "bad" behaviour. That's it. How we chose to behave was always determined by free will, as it should be, but we knew there were consequences to every action, and our beliefs and superstitions spoke to these. Yuletide traditions span backward over literal millennia, and include an eclectic cast of characters that have evolved and will continue to evolve for many generations to come. Gnomes, fairies, angels, and saintly humans are among these. I get excited when I talk to people about these stories, because I think that they are a sacred part of who we are as a species. Opening our minds to these things is far more exciting because we get to actively learn, be creative, and add to this fascinating game of telephone that our ancestors have passed on to us. What messages we pass along to the future is up to each one of us today. This cartoon made me laugh because the problem is not that Santa isn't real; the problem is that our current folklore is exclusive in so many ways. There are just way more stories to tell. I got really pumped when I started seeing more interest in the tale of Krampus from Alpine-dwelling mythos. What a great image to depict miserly behaviour! Whether any of these characters are or ever were "real" is irrelevant. Using stories to ***** children into behaving is as ancient as the gods themselves. Whichever stories you believe in or prefer, I hope you have stories, and I hope you engage in the season. It's fun, and it makes us feel good, and that's what being alive is (or at least should be) about. Wishing you all the very best of the season! Thank you for reading~
  • Perchtenlauf performers in Austria Thank you Katherine Hawkins for posting this! Really cool~
  • Test your creativity with costume at IO Saturnalia! Dec 16 for your chance to win prizes! By photographer Charles Freger. Have you wondered why so many Yuletide costumes involve horns? Many cultures celebrate their folklore surrounding this time of year by masquerading as animals: "It is not about being possessed by a spirit but it is about jumping voluntarily in the skin of an animal. You decide to become something else. You chose to become an animal, which is more exciting than being possessed by a demon."
  • Welcome The Hippy Co. as one of our amazing sponsors for this event! Remember to come in costume to ensure your eligibility to win some great prizes from these guys and more London businesses!
  • Thank you for reading about our vendors today! Finally, here is the fantastic Kelly Rogers from Happy Rock Holistics, offering an array of quality, hand-made natural healing products! She is very knowledgable and a super lady. Buy from her directly on Dec 16!
  • Gotta catch 'em all! Cufflinks, necklaces, earrings, and more by Awesome Oddities
  • Broken To Black brand offers t-shirts, prints, buttons, stickers- designed by illustrators and tattoo artists to suit all those who find beauty in the macabre! Pick your poison Dec 16!
  • Find more beauties like this one by MystiqShop on Dec 16! 10% of every purchase funds a local wildlife sanctuary
  • Just a few of the items that will be available for sale by Moon of Retribvtion! Witch-themed zines & accessories by a world-traveler, scholar, and author!
  • "The More You Know!": Saturnalia Edition~
  • Please welcome Leanne Mayer Music to our musical lineup! :) <3
  • Please welcome ᛉMystiqShopᛉ to our event vendors list! So excited!!!
  • Please welcome Broken To Black as an additional vendor! Mark your calendars! :)
  • We're thrilled to add two things to this event: special guests FenyxFyre (performance artist), and Godzilla! Get a photo with the king of the monsters for $5- all going to MS research! :)
  • Nimway would like to welcome Jake Locking to our event lineup! Check him out!
  • https://www.facebook.com/bildo008/videos/vb.520090338/10152832954125339/?type=2&theater
  • Ooh, costumes!
  • Nimway would like to welcome Westminster Park to our event lineup! Check them out!!
  • Very pleased to announce Awesome Oddities, Happy Rock Holistics, and Moon of Retribvtion as our guest vendors! These guys have some fun and amazing products you'll definitely want to get your hands on!
  • Posting vendor info today! Have a drink and shop an indoor market? Sounds fun!