16. December 2017 - 20:00
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IO Saturnalia! | SoHo Bar and Grill | Saturday, 16. December 2017

"Io Saturnalia!" = "Hooray! It's Saturnalia!"
Saturnalia is the ancient Roman celebration that eventually became Christmas. A week-long party where the rich and poor traded places, and drank and ate to their hearts content, this Pagan celebration was in homage to Saturn- whom many incarnations later would become Santa!
Traditionally running from December 17-23, Anne Moniz, Singer-Songwriter's full band experience Nimway is hosting a kick-off party featuring some great live music, as well as some fantastic product/merch vendors! It's like a party/indoor market/live music showcase! (Actually, that's exactly what it is! And just in time for some last-minute gift shopping! ATM ONSITE!!!)
PRIZES FOR BEST COSTUME! Masquerade as your favourite Pagan diety, demon, fairy- or pull out your best toga to win amazing prizes! Show us your costume, get a raffle ticket, raffle draw is at MIDNIGHT!

-Gift certificates to SoHo Bar and Grill
-Beauty care packages from Myne Studio
-Tickets to Shock Stock
-Glassware from The Hippy Co.

-Awesome Oddities (nerd/Otaku accessories & jewellery)
-Happy Rock Holistics (natural bath & beauty products)
-Moon of Retribvtion (witch-inspired art & accessories)
-Broken To Black (original t-shirt & print art)
-MystiqShop (handmade jewellery & accessories)
-Msmediafrenzy, Westminster Park, Nimway, and other band merch!
(click active links for more info!)

-Westminster Park
-Jake Locking
-Leanne Mayer Music
-Bill Needham from the amazing group Broomsticks & Hammers performs his original song "Saturnalia"!

-Christopher Campbell (FenyxFyre) performance artist, joined by the lovely Stacey Annatomy Porter
-Shock Stock vintage peepshow (all proceeds going to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada!)

-Hot apple cider (crockpot style) $3.00, $5.50 with rum
-Saturnalia Suds (pomegranate sparkling wine with fruit) $5.50
-Hail Caesar! (a classic Caesar with all the trimmings) $5.50