24. October 2019 - 11:00 till 18:00
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Database Design and Data Normalisation 1-Day Course, London | PCWorkshops at Regus | Thursday, 24. October 2019

Relational Databases & Data Normalisation Overview Training Course, 1-Day Course

Course Content
Session 1: Introduction to Relational Databases
The Database ApproachDatabase Management SystemsThe function of a Database Management SystemThe Processing ArchitectureThe Schema ArchitectureThe Storage ArchitectureAn overview of Database System DevelopmentAn overview of general database principles
Session 2: Conceptual Data Models
Overview of Entity ModelsEntities and how to identify themAttributes and how to identify themRelationships and their qualitiesBuilding an Entity Relationship DiagramResolving many-to-many relationshipsSub-type and Super-type RelationshipsArc RelationshipsRecursive RelationshipsConstraints and AssumptionsNormalization to the First Normal Form (1NF)Normalization to the Second Normal Form (2NF)Normalization to the Third Normal Form (3NF)Exercises: Analyzing a specificationCreating an Entity Relationship Diagram from it
Session 2: Conceptual Data Models(continued)
Normalization to the First Normal Form (1NF)Normalization to the Second Normal Form (2NF)Normalization to the Third Normal Form (3NF)Exercises: Data Normalization producing table specifications and Entity Diagrams
Session 3: The Relational Model
Relational StructureRelational TerminologyDomainsA Relational schemaCandidate keys and Primary KeysForeign KeysKey ConstraintsAttribute ConstraintsImplementing Sub-type/Super-type RelationshipsViewsDenormalization using Pre-joined TablesDenormalization using Derived DataAn Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL)Simple QueriesSimple Updates of the Data