17. February 2018 - 20:00 till 23:00
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The Cav Pres: Robbie Zereka, Ember, Mathilda Homer & Kassiopeia | The Cavendish Arms | Saturday, 17. February 2018

Here at The Cavendish Arms, otherwise known as 'The Cav', we showcase some of the best local and nationwide (and in this case, international) upcoming musical talent there is & provide a space for performance and expression for upcoming artists. On Saturday 17th February we have a packed night of incredible and original artists and bands. Entry £5 OTD & Bar's open til 1AM!

- Robbie Zereka -

Originally from Wexford, Ireland, Robbie Zereka is an alternative-pop songwriter and performer as well as a self-trained music and video producer. The accompanying music video for Zereka's debut single, Bloodshot, is due for release this winter.

This exciting new artist is currently sharpening his vocal and lyrical style as a student at BIMM (The British and Irish Modern Music Institute) in London and he is set to take the live scene in the city by storm in 2018.

Twitter: @RobbieZereka

- Mathilda Homer -

Mathilda Homer is an up-and-coming contemporary artist from London.

Mathilda's sound blends eclectic influences with bittersweet melodies and intimate lyrics that leave no stone unturned. Listeners are drawn into Mathilda's vivid stories that have already allowed the young songstress to become established within the London Songwriting community, with her recently writing music for the film 'Hampstead'.

Mathilda Homer

- Ember -

Ember has emerged from Giles Hayter's recent journey of self-discovery. During this period he has written a album and a novel, both called Connection. The novel - by Giles Hayter - chronicles the birth of Ember, the character. The album - by Ember - is the inner journey told in song.
These are finely crafted modern ballads sung by a unique performer.
"Songs of true power" Simon Gibson, Abbey Road Studios.

- Kassiopeia -

S T Y L E & S O U N D:
The focus of most Kassiopeia pieces is Lina's unique voice, which is at times anxious and frail but can also be angry and fierce. The exceptional harmonic progressions, combined with the melodies and lyrics, lead to numerous moments of surprise and unexpected twists. Soul and art rock entwine, infused with mystical vibes, while time loses all meaning. Kassiopeia's music is versatile, yet unmistakably distinctive.

B I O G R A P H Y:
Kassiopeia was founded in 2008 in Krefeld, Germany, as a musical project fueled by lyrics and music written by Lina Farah, the band’s vocalist and pianist of Egyptian origins. After only a few gigs in Germany, Kassiopeia made an appearance as the opening act on the 'Eier mit Speck' Festival (alongside Everlast, Wallis Bird, Good Charlotte), followed by an extensive tour over the next two years. In early 2012, the group withdrew to work on their debut album, ‘Cyclone’, leading to a three-year hiatus in which the band managed to reinvent itself. From that time on, slowly but surely, the project evolved to become a personal quest to produce art in its purest form, leading to the decision to spread the music not as a band, but as a constellation, mostly composed of Lina Farah (piano, vocal) and Till Menzer (percussion) or Lina on her own.