05. December 2018 - 9:30 till 16:30
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DIGITAL HEALTH MASTERCLASS: Organisational Readiness (Leeds) | Horizon Leeds | Wednesday, 05. December 2018

CECOPS CIC is running a not-to-be-missed one day Masterclass, which will focus on assessing, accelerating and scaling up organisational readiness in the digital health space.
The rapid rate of development of digital health technologies and innovations, and the drive to get them adopted and scaled up, mean it is critical that local, regional and national organisations are ready. For a marketplace to be successful, there needs to be a balance between demand and supply, and this class will look at how this might be achieved.

Professor Tony Young, National Clinical Lead for Innovation, NHS England
Dominic Cushnan, Digital Innovation Manager, NHS Horizon 
Dr Tim Ballard, National GP Advisor (Independent Health and Digital), CQC 
Julie Wood, Chief Executive, NHS Clinical Commissioners 
Mark Duman, Chief Patient Officer, MD Healthcare 
Paul Taylor, Lab Coach, Bromford
Declan Hadley, Digital Health Lead at Healthier Lancashire
Dr Taz Aldawoud, GP and Digital Clinical Champion, NHS England
Chris Saywer, Innovation Lead for Health & Care, Innovate UK
Professor Rob Procter, Professor of Social Informatics, Warwick University
Richard Stubbs, Chief Executive Officer, Yorkshire and Humber AHSN
Brian Donnelly, Chief Executive, CECOPS CIC
The class will be chaired by Professor Mike Bewick, a former GP, Deputy Medical Director to Sir Bruce Keogh at NHS England and a current mentor to several clinical entrepreneurs as part of the national NHS England programme.

There is currently a focus on getting digital health technologies and innovations adopted, scaled up and spread. So far this focus has been largely on the supply side of the market, but it is equally important to ensure organisations are actually ready.
Failure to focus on both demand and supply related issues will inevitably result in an unsustainable and ineffective digital health marketplace.
A recent study carried out by Professor Trish Greenhalgh (University of Oxford) suggested that as many as 80% of technology-supported change projects in health and social care could be failing; concluding that ‘this is costly, wasteful and potentially harmful at both human and system level’.
In this digital and fast changing age, an 80% failure rate is simply not acceptable, or sustainable, and it is important that we don’t create more problems than we are trying to solve. This is why the focus on organisational readiness is both timely and important.

The main aims of the masterclass are to:

get people thinking about readiness when planning, commissioning and procuring digital health technologies and innovations
consider what readiness looks like and what components are needed to make this happen
look at how readiness can be scaled up and accelerated
identify the links between demand and supply aspects of the market and consider how these might work in tandem to get wider adoption, scaling up and spread
consider wider aspects of readiness in terms of data, information, change management, quality, risk, security and regulation, and alignment of digital delivery with health and care priorities
bring together the relevant connections between individuals and organisations to make effective changes
demonstrate how standards and tools can support readiness.


Health and Social Care Managers

Chief Executives

Clinical Information Officers

Clinical Leads

Policy Makers


Project Managers


Procurement Leads

Innovation Leads

Patient and Voluntary Groups

Quality, Safety and Risk Leads

Digital Health Providers




Understand the importance of organisational readiness

Get a better understanding about what readiness looks like

Learn how to get your organisation ready

Gain a good understanding of wider marketplace issues

Gain insights into what people planning and commissioning services have to think about

Understand some of the barriers to change

Learn how organisational readiness can help with the adoption and scale up of innovations

Hear how focussing on organisational readiness creates a sustainable, safe and effective marketplace

Take advantage of knowledge sharing with experts and key decision makers and professional networking

Learn how readiness can be shared and accelerated across wider regions

Are you a service or product provider interested in meeting and presenting to the targeted audience at this Digital Health Masterclass?
There are a limited number of sponsorship and exhibitor packages available. Please contact CECOPs for further information. info@