30. July 2018 - 8:00 till 10:00
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Breakfast. (With Added Joy) Hosted at Platform Leeds | Platform Leeds | Monday, 30. July 2018

Join me, Natasha AKA The Joy Bringer, for a breakfast with intention.
Why a breakfast with intention?
I believe in doing work that brings me joy. Along the way that has meant getting clear on what I say yes to and more importantly what I say no to. Life and work are intertwined, reflecting on where we find joy in our work can help us to live more fulfilling lives. I also love breakfast!
So being in a space of joy reflection and joy creation is a powerful space to be.
I invite you to create a strong month ahead with a reflection on what brought you joy the prior month and then take some time to focus on what will bring you joy over the coming month.
It’s important to acknowledge what energises you, find ways to do more of “that”.
It’s useful to understand what drains you, then question yourself about the value or efficiency of “it”. 
One of the most powerful tools since launching my own business has been to ask myself, is this a 10 for me?
Does this bring me joy?
Anything less than a 10 I ask myself why and take action accordingly.
In Breakfast. With Added Joy I am inviting you to do the same.
Where is it?
Hosted at the fantastic space that is Platform in Leeds, Breakfast. With Added Joy is open to current Platform residents and visitors alike, a chance to enjoy the space and connect with others.  
What does it involve?
Over a fresh and nutritious breakfast, you are invited to share what energises you, in private reflection get honest about what is draining you and finally get clear on what is or could be a 10 for you.
We then take time to set our intentions for the following month including those 10’s!
It’s Breakfast. With added Joy