26. October 2020 - 9:00
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Petroleum Geology for Non-Geologists | Kuala Lumpur | Monday, 26. October 2020

About This Course
To the non-geologist, working with Petroleum Geologists can be confusing. Petroleum geology has specific terminology and many concepts and data sources unfamiliar to the uninitiated. This course is designed to introduce these terms and provide an insight into how oil and gas are formed, how they are found and how they are extracted. Using lectures, experiments, a case study and practical exercises, the course involves an introduction to fundamental geological concepts, to exploration techniques, prospecting, drilling, well logs and recovery methods. The course will also demystify the terminology surrounding petroleum geology, demonstrate the use of geological information to show the value and weakness of different datasets, and lead to better communication and decision-making between the geologists and non-geologists. 
Why You Should Attend

Understand the geological methods and principles used in hydrocarbon exploration, development and production.
Understand the key elements of a petroleum system, from hydrocarbon source to reservoir and seal
Appreciate basin analysis, regional geology and play based exploration techniques
Be aware of the different sorts of hydrocarbon trap from structural to stratigraphic
Understand the technical terminology, tools and methods used in exploration geology
Learn about unconventionals
Understand and evaluate the sources and reliability of various types of geological information
Understand acquisition, processing and interpretation of seismic data
Learn the technical processes and terminology involved in exploration
Understand how a prospect is defined and risked
Understand how seismic, existing well information and outcrop geology can be used for exploration
Gain an understanding of the methods used for petroleum geology to allow a discovery to be appraised and then developed

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