23. November 2020 - 9:00
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Application Of Structural Geology in Seismic Interpretation | Kuala Lumpur | Monday, 23. November 2020

About This Course
Seismic interpretation requires understanding of structural development and its interrelation with the stratigraphic system. Bias and misunderstanding have unfortunately resulted in countless dry holes. So go beyond tracing horizons and understand their context within the structural system by extracting key information from seismic surveys and other datasets.

Why You Should Attend
You will learn a variety of modern structural concepts and techniques and their role in the interpretation of seismic data. Using an applied “hands-on” approach, participants will be exposed to a diversity of worldwide case examples with complementary exercises, both of an individual and group nature. Course is designed from an applied standpoint, with numerous examples and hands-on exercises from the petroleum industry.
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