10. February 2018 - 5:00 till 17:00
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Valentine's Fatazz Trail Run | Huron Natural Area | Saturday, 10. February 2018

Looking for a reason to get together with all those runners that you don't see in the dark of winter? Or just a reason to get outside during the February balhs? Mark your maps and calendars with this winter trail run and mindfulness walk.


TRAIL RUN: A 6.5 km loop will be marked for those we are interested in some groomed trails mixed with technical single track. A shorter more accessible loop will also be marked for those who are interested in a less challenging course.

MINDFULNESS WALK: Two 30 minute mindfulness walks will take place in the natural area. (Start times 10:00 am and 1:30 pm).

Clay will be on the course starting at 5am, the courses will be marked with flags by 8am, and flags will be removed around 5pm. Feel free to join at any time and stay as long as you like.

REGISTRATION: There is no formal registration (It’s a fatass run). However, it would be great to know how many people intend to show up on the day of the run. Please indicate you’re attending by clicking the “GOING” button on the Facebook page:

T-SHIRTS: There are no t-shirts (it’s a fatass run).

RACE PACKETS: There are a couple of sponsors who have made very generous donations, so keep your eyes on the Facebook page for updates.
#1 Each participant will receive a 50% discount code for Mindfulness Without Borders.
#2 Just as each of us is different in some way (or many ways), each participant will receive a small unique token from Celtic folk artist Kelly Green.
#3 Each participant will receive a 25% discount code for @CanadianTraiRunningCo

PRIZE DRAW: There will be a random draw made from all participants for two prizes which were donated by CROWN COURIER

PRE-RACE DINNER: There is no pre-race dinner.

COST: There’s a voluntary $10.00 donation, honour system. Proceeds from the event will go to the Mood Disorders Society of Canada. Donations of $25.00 and more, and accompanied with name, address, and email will get a charitable giving receipt.
Clay Williams will be there from 5am to 5pm, please try to find him, say “Hello” and make your donation / entry fee payment. There will also be two volunteers on the course wearing CANAL PURSUIT logos who will be accepting donations. Donations also accepted online at:

THE FLAG: For the past three years, Clay Williams has organized the Canal Pursuit for Mental Health, and he and the relay team have carried a Canadian Flag with them. He has asked people who know someone or are themselves struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar, or any mood disorder to sign the flag, and the flag will be carried to Ottawa on the Canal Pursuit as a symbol that they don’t have to carry their burdens alone. Clay will be carrying the flag during the Valentine’s Fatazz Run, and would be happy to let you help carry it for a lap or two. Find him on the course and ask him about it and why he’s running to #DefeatDepression and #endthestigma.

LOCATION: Huron Natural Area, 801 Trillium Dr, Kitchener, ON N2R 1K4

PARKING: There is a small parking lot in front of the Huron Natural Area. If you arrive and see that the lot is more than half full, please park across the street at “XCG”. We will not be the only people using the park for the day, so please leave some room for public parking.

POTLUCK AID STATION FOOD: There is a small building with several picnic tables under a fixed roof. There will be space available to put things out on the tables. If you bring supplies only for yourself, keep them in a bag in your car or on the ground near the tables. If you bring supplies to share, put them ON the tables. LIKEWISE, ONLY TAKE THINGS FROM THE TABLES, NOT FROM BAGS ON THE GROUND. Also, part way through the course is an aid station with warm soup and high fives, sponsored by Conquer the Canuck Trail Weekend. Please give Tony a huge thanks each time you go by.

WASHROOMS: Near the aid station there will be two portable toilets, one is wheelchair accessible. Huge shout out to Portaplus Portables in Guelph for supporting the run!

TIMING: There is no formal start or stop time. Runners are welcome to start as early as 5am, and finish as late as 5 pm. Sunrise is at 7:27 am, sunset at 5:46 pm. There will be a leader board on one of the tables to write your name, your start time, and time for each lap that you ran, and finish time. After the event, the info for all runners will be available on the Facebook page.

The trail running course is a 6.5 km loop which will be flagged by 8am. About half of it is single track, with some small hills, and the technical level depends on snowfall and prior foot traffic. Snow angels are encouraged.
The accessible course is a slightly shorter loop, less technical, but with some hills. The condition depends on the weather, we will make an effort to pack the course with snowshoes prior to the event day.
The mindfulness course is quiet with the exception of an occasional runner passing by. Huron Natural Area is a small jewel of nature tucked into an industrial area. On a weekend, there is not a sight or sound of industry once you are into the forest.

POST RUN PIZZA: There’s a great place down the street called Rustic Slice for those who are interested.


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