24. March 2018 - 13:00 till 14:00
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Danganronpa KFX 2018 Meetup/Photoshoot | Kelowna Community Theatre | Saturday, 24. March 2018

All DR cosplays are welcome! This includes all Danganronpa medias (DR1/UDG/SDR2/DRV3 -- along with manga/anime medias like DR Zero and DR3)

Other photographers and congoers are welcome to come to the photoshoot and take pictures. As always, respect the cosplayers and other photographers/attendees while at the shoot.

Exact location: TBD closer to the convention date.
*Times are subject to change, but will most likely remain the same.

Organized by myself (@cutetokii / @cosplayii)
Official shoot photographer: Kiefer Campney (@moiistcake)