21. November 2019 - 13:30 till 16:00
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Blind Zebra's Training Camp for Sales Professionals | Morales Group, Inc Staffing | Thursday, 21. November 2019

What is Training Camp?
Monthly training of sales representatives and business development managers who are committed to performing at an elite level. We’re better and smarter together than apart.
Who should attend?

B2B Sales & Business Development Professionals

VPs of Sales
Sales Managers
Sales Leaders
High Performing Salespeople
High Potential Salespeople

What do we do?

High energy, high level sales “training camp” (not to worry – if you don’t like football, we promise you’ll still love this training)
Combination of:

Interactive Exercises
Live Deal Work
Networking & Relationship Building

How do we do it?

Meet **** to **** 1x/month
Focus on Bryan’s unique “THINK-SAY-DO” sales process
Combine the tactics and phrasing along with the way we show up with potential customers

What content will we cover?Upcoming topics include:

Personal Business Plans
Prospecting Bootcamp
Pro Level Sales Questions
Growing Existing Relationships
Dealing with Stalled Deals and “No Thank You’s”

Why are we doing it?
Our 18 year track record of helping dozens of companies and hundreds of salespeople tells us:


A defined sales process that can work in any industry
To remove some of the burden of sales training, leaving more time for deal work and a shared language back at the office
A way to reward top performing sales reps
Increased accountability for your team

SALESPEOPLE are thirsting for:

A Modern Approach
Coaching and Guidance
Objective Input (especially helpful in recruiting/retaining Millennial talent)

Meet Your Trainer:
Bryan Neale is a trainer, coach, and deal-work ******. He has consulted with B2B sales teams, managers, and CEOs for over 20 years. He’s the co-host of The Advanced Selling Podcast, the longest running sales training podcast in the world. When Bryan isn’t talking about sales philosophy, you can find him on a football field. He’s an official in the NFL and loves training teams about the similarities of elite performance in sales and football.
Watch this video below to meet Bryan and hear his take on why this program will be sales training like you’ve never experienced before.

Specific issues we will attack throughout the program:

Gaining access to decision makers, including getting through gatekeepers
Dealing with price resistance
Positioning yourself as an advisor to the customer vs. a “vendor”
Creating and leveraging connections in multiple industries using social media
Getting appointments
Presentation and demo strategies and tactics
Differentiation in crowded marketplaces
Personal branding for salespeople
7 Point Philosophical Foundation to accelerate your performance to an elite level

Prospective members must qualify to become a member:

Have an openness to new ways of thinking, behaving, and communicating
Have the money, energy, and time to invest in yourself and your career
Have the enthusiasm to play full out, every time – this isn’t a “sit in the back and hide” training


Register to be a guest at Training Camp!
If you have team members you’d like to invite, just follow the directions in the email you’ll receive upon registration.