03. June 2019 - 12:00
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Activate Your Heart-Centered Business [Online Series] | Indianapolis | Monday, 03. June 2019

** Activate Your Heart-Centered Business **
** These are Online Courses **
Live workshops happen 12:00-1:00 p.m. on the dates listed below.  
You can purchase the course series or individual courses.  There's a discount for Holistic Hub Members (these are paying members of the Holistic Hub network)
** If you missed a past class, you can still purchase the replay. **
June 3rd  |  Niching Your Joy with Stephanie Smart
June 17th  |  Selling Your Services & Products from the Heart:  How to Offer Your Brilliance Without Feeling Like a Sleazy Salesperson with Marianne Talkovski
July 1st  |  How Knowing Your “Why” and “Purpose” Impacts Your Social Media Presence with Karmen Fink
July 15th |  The Art of Collaboration and Community with Kelei Leak
Aug 5th  |  Your Personal Money Map: Discover the Real Reason Why You Don’t Have More Money and More Success with Catherine Clift
Aug 19th |  Bridging It All Together With a Little Bit of C.R.A.Z.Y.!  with Jennifer Seffrin
Indy Holistic Hub brings you this summer series to ignite your heart and passion, keeping you in the flow of your heart-centered business. These live workshops will be hands on supporting you to take inspired actions. You will gain multiple tools that you can reference back to and use regularly in your business. Each facilitator will provide you a handout and you will have access to the recording.
These sessions build on one another in a synergistic way:

Being on the live call allows you interaction with the facilitator and other participants.
You can ask clarifying questions and get assistance right away!
Leverage your time well by being able to tap in virtually with your heart-centered business community.
Our live classrooms will be conducted via Zoom. Recordings and rights to distribution are given to Indy Holistic Hub.

We welcome you to sign-up for this Heart-Centered series now! 

Detailed workshop descriptions and more about the facilitators is below:
June 3rd |  Niching Your Joy
Aligning your business with what brings you joy is crucial to a successful long term business. In the seminar we will begin the process of identifying your niche and identifying what brings you joy in your business.
The niche for your business is more than what you offer and who your clients are in your business. As we design our wellness business, we absolutely must keep ourselves in the middle of our business plan. Aligning your business with what brings you joy is a vital part of self-care and good business sense that sets you up for a profitable long term business.
Make sure to download the handout to make the most of this interactive action focused seminar.
About The Facilitator: Stephanie Smart is a business alchemist, author, speaker, and wellness professional. She has over 30 years of experience in the wellness industry as both practitioner and instructor in a variety of modalities including Oriental Medicine, Shamanism, Ortho-Bionomy, and Reiki. 
Stephanie empowers her clients to remember and reconnect with their power, find their voices, and to speak their truth in all that they do in the world. She teaches other wellness professionals how to fully embody their magical and powerful selves as they create businesses and lives that are abundant and impactful.
Stephanie can be found at https://www.laughingdragoncoaching.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/laughingdragoncoaching

Jun 17th  |  Selling Your Services & Products from the Heart:  How to Offer Your Brilliance Without Feeling Like a Sleazy Salesperson
This class is designed to increase your sales through service and relationship building with your clients.  You will learn the acronym S.E.A.T to boost your business and have your clients coming back for more.  
This system will teach you:
1.)  How to offer your service to your clients without feeling awkward by sharing what you do
2.)  How to guide your clients into seeing the value of your services and products
3.)  How to activate your clients into taking action to say YES and book or buy from you
4.)  How to help your clients feel connected to your offerings
About The Facilitator: Marianne Talkovski has been an educator for one of the top professional skincare companies in North America since 2011. She was nominated best educator in 2017. She is also in practice as a licensed acupuncturist, licensed holistic esthetician, certified herbalist and certified coach since 2010 through her business Project Gorgeous. She teaches men and women the power of authenticity, vulnerability, empathy and contribution as an expression of their health and beauty. She is dedicated to creating a world where men and women feel healthy, happy and beautiful by raising their vibration.  She also loves helping businesses grow that are dedicated to the same cause.
Website:  www.projectgorgeous.com
FB:  https://www.facebook.com/ProjectGorgeousIndy/
IG:  https://www.instagram.com/mariannetalkovski/

July 1st  |  Uplift Your Social Media Presence With Your Heart-Centered Purpose
When you know “why” you’re in business and understand your larger purpose, clients flock to you! During this one hour course, you’ll learn the power behind knowing your “why” and your purpose, as well as, how to share this on social media.
Karmen will walk you through:

An activity to connect to your Why
Key points to understand Branding
Social media tips and examples to take you to the next level

About The Facilitator: Karmen is a Divine Synergist giving you tools to reconnect with your inner-Divine-self, reigniting your passions that spark your life's purpose! Through Heart's Joy, she empowers you to co-create an abundant, passionate purposeful life! 
Social Media Links:

July 15th  |  The Art of Collaboration and Community
When you are a self-employed business owner, it takes everything you have to play every role needed for producing, supporting, marketing, and promoting.  At times it can be feast and other times famine.  There are many tools that you are perhaps working with to drive your business, yet are there times when you feel they are not getting you to where you want to be?  This is the moment to look at using new and different tools to get you to a place where you are no longer worrying--and actually getting deep clarity on what it is that you want to do next.  
Kelei will take you into a hypnotic flow that opens you up to your creative bliss, discovering your own collaborative possibilities and strengthening supportive community.   She will also provide you examples and direction to assist in you in uncovering your next steps.

Have you ever found yourself exhausted from marketing, networking, and promoting your business? 
Have you felt isolated and disconnected from people who might know what it feels like to be an independent business owner?
Have you exhausted yourself trying to do more, be more, & experienced burn out?

Join Kelei in this session! Get clear on next steps and have a guided hypnotic flow that you can come back to and use ongoingly to stay connected to the abundant possibilities.
About The Facilitator: Kelie Leak is a Hypno-Coach.  “I blend Life Coaching, Consulting and Hypnosis to unlock, open and assist my clients in crafting what they desire.  I created my own style by studying with some of the best hypnotists in the field today to ensure I get you where you want to be.  I find this work to be amazing--in fact it is life-giving: not only for my clients, but for me as well!”  
She uses hypnosis to connect clients to their inner self by clearing a place for the conscious mind, sub-conscious and the unconscious mind to connect with each other.  In this calm open state, the client can connect to their inner voice and their deepest desires.  Dream it. See it. Be it.

Aug 5th  |  Your Personal Money Map: Discover the Real Reason Why You Don’t Have More Money and More Success
Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur who feels undervalued or may even feel a little guilty charging your worth? Do you put in the hours but don’t reap the rewards of your labor? Then this exercise is for you. While the money map is for anyone who is not happy with his or her financial situation or quality of life and feels like they want or deserve more, it targets those who settle for less because they are afraid to ask for more.
During this revealing exercise, we look at the five types of money

Income Goals
Toxic Money

Under each category we focus on three things

What emotions/feelings come up when you think about this type of money?
What do you say to yourself unconsciously when you think about this type?
What past trauma may be associated with this type of money?

At the end of the exercise you will experience a round of tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) which will help defuse any strong emotions or feelings that may have been triggered by turning off your fight or flight reaction in your nervous system.
About The Facilitator:  Catherine Clift is a Transformational Wealth and Success Coach, uncovering what is really holding you back from having more money and more success. Contact her at cateclift53@hotmail.com, phone: 317-617-6926

Aug 19th  |  Bridging It All Together With a Little Bit of C.R.A.Z.Y.!
Jennifer Seffrin, Founding Director of Indy Holistic Hub, provides you a re-cap of the learnings in this series and a framework that allows for your continual expansion. She is a master at seeing things from multiple perspectives and tapping into possibilities. Have you ever felt crazy taking on your heart-centered business? She has! Jennifer will share some of her own insights in her C.R.A.Z.Y. adventures traversing along in her heart’s callings.
Jennifer loves the connectedness of life, meaningful conversation, and community. Join her in this last part of the Activate Your Heart-Centered Business series! She looks so forward to connecting with you!
About The Facilitator:  Jennifer Seffrin is the owner of Seffrin Synergy LLC and Founder of Indy Holistic Hub.  She is a Certified Life Coach and Energy Leadership Practitioner whose passion is creating meaningful community and a shift in our society where the well-being of people is Top Priority.  Contact her at jennifer@seffrinsynergy.com.