06. January 2018 - 18:00 till 21:00
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You Me OurSELFIES | Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre | Saturday, 06. January 2018

#You #Me #OurSELFIES

康樂及文化事務署主辦 Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department

香港視覺藝術中心、錄映太奇聯合籌劃 Co-organised by Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Videotage

Venue : Exhibition Hall and Public Area, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre
開幕:6.1.2018 (下午6時至晚上9時)
Opening reception : 6.1.2018 (6pm — 9pm)
日期:6.1 — 22.1.2018 (逢星期二休息)
Date : 6 — 22.1.2018 (Close on Tuesdays)
開放時間:7.1— 22.1.2018 (上午10時至晚上9時)
Opening hours : 7 — 22.1.2018 (10am — 9pm)

英雄猜猜猜 - 雙飛藝術中心現場創作
Guess Guess Hero: Performance created by Double Fly Art Center
一月六日 January 6
晚上七時正 7pm
香港視覺藝術中心 Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

滿肚 - 與鄧國騫共享晚宴及對談
Diners: Food and Dialogue with Tang Kwok Hin
一月六日 January 6
晚上八時正 8pm
香港視覺藝術中心 Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

電磁腦神教 - 陸揚現場動作捕捉表演 元物共同呈現
Electromagnetic Brainology Live: Body Tracking Performance created by Lu Yang in collaboration with MetaObjects
一月廿二日 January 22
晚上七時正 7pm
香港視覺藝術中心 Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

我們雙腳總比頭腦年輕 - 黃榮法意念創作 永天台共同呈現
Our Feet Are Younger Than Our Heads: Performance created by Morgan Wong in collaboration
with WING Platform
一月六日至廿二日 January 6 - 22
下午二時三十分至晚上八時正 2:30 - 8PM
香港視覺藝術中心演講廳 Lecture Theatre, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

免費入場 Free admission

藝術家 Artists
陳天灼 Chen Tianzhou (內地 Mainland)
陳維 Chen Wei
雙飛藝術中心 Double Fly Art Center
胡為一 Hu Weiyi
陸揚 Lu Yang
孫遜 Sun Xun
陳好彩 Carla Chan (香港 Hong Kong)
張瀚謙 Chris Cheung
鄧國騫 Tang Kwok-hin
黃榮法 Morgan Wong

#You #Me #OurSELFIES 延續2017《平行世界》的#like4like,探討通訊科技和資訊系統如何主宰了人際間的連繫方式。展覽集結了十位千禧世代內地、本地藝術家的作品,反思今天我們如何觀照自己。透過一系列展覽、表演及放映會,展示來自香港及內地城市媒體藝術的獨特現況,讓不同背景的藝術家展開文化對話,探索媒體藝術。

#You #Me #OurSELFIES is the expansion pack of #like4like that tagged the One World Exposition held in 2017. As emerging communication technologies and information systems take over the very way we relate to each other, the exhibition brings together the latest works by 10 artists of the millennial generation from the Mainland and Hong Kong to explore how we think of ourselves today.

The exhibition reflects the respective uniqueness of media art development from different cities and opens dialogues amongst the invited artists from different background to explore many possibilities in media art via a series of exhibition, performances and screenings.

香港視覺藝術中心 Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

錄映太奇 Videotage

平行世界2.2 One World Exposition 2.2

#youmeourselfies #oneworldexpo #hongkongvisualartscentre #hkvac #videotage