19. January 2018 - 19:30 till 22:30
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Evening live recital, bassoon and matouqin performances | Lily Bookshop | Friday, 19. January 2018

大家好,1月中旬五位各具風範的藝術表演家將專程莅臨莉莉書房 x Flowbooks 為各閱讀支持者及廣大的朗誦及音樂愛好者獻藝。

張妙陽老師 - 鳯凰衛視台聲,香港語言藝術恊會會長及知名朗誦藝術家。
巴圖巴根先生 - "中國好聲音" 比賽冠軍,國内外知名馬頭琴演奏家及呼麥(喉音唱法)大師。

許福維先生 - 香港國際馬頭琴協會會長。馬頭琴演奏家,積極於香港培訓及推廣馬頭琴藝術。

梁冠宇先生 - 本港傑出巴松管演奏家及前澳門樂圑成員。

李慧儀小姐: 雖自認為普通人一個,但實際上是一位出色的巴松管表演家,亦是這種獨特樂器的終生學習者 。


日期: 2018 年 1月19日

時間: 晚上7時半

地點: 莉莉書房 x Flowbooks, 香港上環皇后大道中189 - 205號啓豐大厦1樓F - G 室

收費: $150 (1月5日或之前登記留位)*
$200 (1 月6日或以後登記留位)*

*當中 $100可用作書卷在本書店購買你的心頭好。



銀行: HSBC

户口號碼: 043 375823 833

戶囗名稱: Wang **** Dong


An intimate evening recital engagement at Lily's Bookstore x Flowbooks

Lily Bookshop x Flowbooks is delighted to have five fantastic guests performing at our humble establishment.

Mr. Zhang Miao Yang - lead announcer of Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Limited and renowned reciting and dubbing artist.

Mr. Batubagin - internationally acclaimed Mongolian matouqin performer and harmonic singing sensation.

Mr. Hui ***-Wai - Professional matouqin preforming artist, and chairman of Hong Kong International Matouqin Association.

Mr. Tim Leung - One of Hong Kong's leading bassoon performing artists, and former member of Macao Orchestra.

Ms. Wyee Lee: A self-proclaimed ordinary soul, but in reality an incredibly gifted bassoon performing artist and life-long learner of the unique instrument.

When:Friday, January 19th, 2018

What time:1930PM

Where: Lily Bookshop x Flowbooks, unit F-G, 1/FL, Kai Fung Building, 189-205 Queens Road East, Sheung *****, Hong Kong

For further information, please call: 69775833


Early bird special, $150 if you reserve your space before January 05, 2018
$200 after January 05, 2018

Here is the catch. $100 of the admission fees will be in the form of book voucher which you can use it to purchase books of your choice from our humble selection at any time.

Supporting small and independent businesses is never far away from our mind, and we certainly hope you share the same sentiment. Our mission is to act as the "curator" of the reading culture, and do our best to preserve and pass down the endangerd heritage to future generations and beyond.

Spaces are extremely limited. Please reserve your space by deposit the fee into the following account and notify us with a photo of the deposit slip through whatsapp or this Facebook post.

HSBC account number: 043 375823 833

Account name: Wang **** Dong

We welcome you all to join this unique event, and looking forward to hear from you.