30. January 2018 - 20:00
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與詩線上跳!Danse en ligne avec Sze! | 東啟德體育館 | Tuesday, 30. January 2018

“與詩線上跳!Danse en ligne avec Sze!”

現代人每天都花上很多時間在網上發放、接收訊息和與別人溝通。這狀態究竟是把個人與外界的距離拉遠還是拉近這問題很多人已探討過。而Sze這段日子思考的卻是很多online dance的點子和可能性,並嘗試利用這第四度空間,藉舞蹈化被動為主動,穿梭屏幕時空,突破地域時差;探索看與被看之間,操控視界的長、闊、深……微觀眾觀地以舞對話、實驗、傳授……think and dance out of the BOX!!! Action, Reaction & Interaction!!!

日期: 30/1, 6/2, 13/2, 20/2/2018 (星期二)
時間: 8:00 - 10:00pm
地點: 稍後通知
全期費用: HK$660

報名請於上課前12個工作天, 繳交學費到以下戶口:
滙豐銀行: Leung Sxx Lxxx 022-676837-288 或
中國銀行: 026-704-1-097519-3
入數後, 請把入數紙發訊到以下: whatsapp Saffron 90314141 或電郵 saffronleung@gmail.com

査詢及報名請聯絡Saffron。有意談談關於課程或有興趣私人授課可聯絡Sze: poemcc@gmail.com

"Dance online with Sze! Danse en ligne avec Sze!”

Nowadays, we spend most time sending, receiving information and ‘communicate’ with the others through internet. ‘Would this phenomenon bring people closer or create distance?’, is a question many have asked.

For Sze, she ponders the possibilities and new ideas in sharing dance energy, transferring movement quality using this space. To play around the passive & active roles through dance, travel in & out the screen, breakthrough the linear time & space, investigate relation between seeing & being seen, control the height, width & depth of each others’ view…

From microscopic to macroscopic, to create dialogue, to experiment, to pass on… to think and dance out of the BOX!!! Action, Reaction & Interaction!!!

Date: 30/1, 6/2, 13/2, 20/2/2018 (Tue)
Time: 8:00 - 10:00pm
Venue: To be confirmed
Course fee (whole course): HK$660

To enroll, please bank-in the course fee to the following account 12 working days in advanced. And send the deposit slip to Saffron through whatsapp (90314141) or e-mail (saffronleung@gmail.com).

HSBC: Leung Sxx Lxxx 022-676837-288 OR Bank of China: 026-704-1-097519-3

Minimum 6 people and maximum 12. Class will only be arranged when the minimum no. of participants is reached.
For enrollment and enquiry please contact Saffron Leung.
For enquiry on the course content or interested in private class please contact Sze: poemcc@gmail.com