17. February 2018 - 15:00
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Star Trails Photography Workshop, Polo Forest, February 2018 | Polo Forest | Saturday, 17. February 2018

Star-trail is a starting point to capture mysterious yet stunning night sky, celestial objects, milky-way, nebula and other deep sky objects. Star-trail can be captured placing camera on a sturdy surface or on tripod, pointing the lens towards the sky with a beautiful foreground (for a better composition) letting the shutter open for a longer period of time. Rotation of earth makes an individual star makes streaks and multiple stars makes an arcs. That’s the way to capture a stunning night sky with unique foreground or a subject. Star-trail photography requires time and patience. Generally this type of images takes 30 minutes to several hours of exposure. Relatively moonless night and dark sky are the primary requirement for this kind of images. In this workshop we will explain mystical starry night sky’s drama, general information about constellations, nebula, pole star and the techniques on how to take spectacular star-trail images. Moreover we shall be having light painting experimentation as well. This genre of photography is an art form where you can use a light source very creatively to capture some amazing effects in your image.

Scheduled dates: 17th – 18th Feb 2018 (Overnight outdoor)
The tour stars from Ahmedabad on 17th Februrary 2018. We will depart from Ahmedabad at 15:00 hours and reach Polo forest (around 145 kms) from Ahmedabad. Reach at a camp site near polo forest. Have a cup of tea and some snacks. We shall start a briefing session on night sky, identification of pole star, different directions of stars makes a different effect on star-trails, technical aspects of star-trail, long exposure photography techniques, light painting. We shall be at the location around 20:00 hours. We shall do light painting experiments and find a suitable location for an ideal composition for a star-trail shoot. We will be back to camp site for a dinner. Post dinner head towards a location for a star-trail shoot. The shoot ends almost at the dawn. We will back to camp for a little rest and breakfast. Post breakfast we shall depart for Ahmedabad at around 10:00 hours.

Things to Carry

1. Wide angle lenses – preferably 24mm or less.
2. Carry fully charged batteries for your camera / flash.
3. Carry extra pack of camera batteries.
4. Carry backup memory cards.
5. Carrying a Tripod is a must for this workshop.
6. Shutter release remote is a must. (wired or wireless)
7. It is advisable to carry basic first aid along with you.

Do not worry if you don’t own a wide lens as we now have an equipment support division. Equipment is available on rental - please mail us at rentals@dcpexpeditions.com.
You may purchase remotes from Amazon - CLICK HERE

On-field learning from the experts is said to be one of the best methods of improving your skill-set. Our expert will hand hold you at every possible step for a better understanding of perspectives, camera controls and how to make use of the best opportunities to get better images. The training will focus on the following
How to shoot in dark night
Long Exposure control and focusing in night under difficult light conditions
Locating Pole star
Locating the rising of milky way
Shooting milky way
Light painting techniques
Minimizing the high ISO noise.
Using LR and PS for editing Star Trails and Milky Way photos


Rupal Vaidya is a passionate wildlife photographer with special focus on Birds, Star-Trails, Milky Way and Astro photography. He has travelled extensively for his passion for wildlife photography all over the country and beyond. Professionally, Rupal is an IT Engineer and gives software / networking support for many banks in Gujarat. Rupal has participated in Lion Census (2010) at the Gir National Park. He has participated in Borneo Bird Race 2014 (Borneo Island) and was part of a winning team from India. He is a regular explorer at the Bird Race organized by HSBC in Ahmedabad since the past five years. Rupal Vaidya was one of the team leaders at Global Bird watchers conference (GBWC 2014) which was organized by Gujarat Tourism department. His photographs have been featured in popular wildlife magazines like Sanctuary Asia, In-flight magazine of Vistara airlines(India), BBC website, Wikipedia. Rupal is associated with the group as Skipper-Team DCP Ahmedabad

Divyaraj, an educator at Surendranagar, Gujarat, possesses doctorate in Physics and pursuing another one in wildlife science for Dispersed Wild ***. He is a keen naturalist, wanderer and photographer, The hand-on camera for different experiments, had excelled him for vivid photo techniques viz. High -Speed, Long Expo, Wide angle, Wildlife, Portrait etc. His work is seen at magazines like Landscape, Better Photography, Smart photography, SAEVUS, Sanctuary Asia etc. He trains students in Nature Camps at Gir NP and LRK. He had participated censuses: lion (2010,2015), Wild *** (2015), Herbivores at Rampara, Birds at Velavadar NP and Nal-Sarovar. He is always on a look out for meaningful patterns in the natural world. He believes that his experience as physicist and artist have together helped him appreciate and value the wild and its inhabitants. He is a Skipper in Team DCP, Ahmedabad

Rs 3000 per head inclusive of all taxes

Cost includes

Tea / Snacks in the evening.
Veg. dinner
Vehicle expenses to and fro Ahmedabad
DCP photography expert for 1 day.
All Taxes and service charges.
Cost does not include:

Mineral Water, Soft Drinks, Laundry Charges, Phone Calls, Tips etc.
Any kind of insurance, Medical or/and Emergency Charges.
Any extra meals not included in the above itinerary.