14. February 2018 - 8:00 till 17:00
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Natural Disaster Awareness for Security Professionals (AWR-322) | Campbell County Fire Training Center | Wednesday, 14. February 2018

Natural Disaster Awareness for Security Professionals (AWR-322)
DATE: February 14th, 2018
LOCATION: Campbell County Fire Training Center
10 Training Center Drive
Highland Heights, KY
TIME: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Security professionals play an integral role in a community’s resilience. Often times the security professional is the first person of authority on scene responding to an event. Security professionals are present at critical infrastructure locations (water, electricity, transit hubs), retail shopping malls, hotels, hospitals and other human service providers, and other public gathering areas such as sporting events, conferences, concerts.
The purpose of this course is to enhance the disaster awareness of security professionals
and facilitate their contributions to successful emergency management outcomes.
This course familiarizes participants with a range of natural hazards, the disaster-specific
risks they pose, different factors that contribute to or reduce vulnerability, basic security
duties that are typically required in the response to or recovery from major emergencies
and disasters.

Private Sector / Corporate Security and Safety


This Course is sponsored by the Campbell County Office of Emergency Management, and the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security. Delivered by the National Disaster Preparedness Center at the University of Hawaii. All training delivered by the NDPTC is certified by DHS
and offered tuition-free to the nation’s emergency response community and associated stakeholders.

1) Course enrollment maximum is 35 participants.
2) There are no course fees.
3) Pre-registration is required, please register by July15th, 2018.

4) Register Online at: or
1) You are encouraged to register online at
If you have questions please contact the:
Campbell County Office of Emergency Management
P.O. Box 153
8774 Constable Drive
Alexandria, KY 41001
Fax 859-547-3150
Email wturner@campbellcountyky.org