09. February 2018 - 19:00 till 23:00
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Xerox Homes / Nathan Ivanco Art Crawl Night | Hammer City Records | Friday, 09. February 2018

Xerox Homes by NATHAN IVANCO
Hammer City Records Art Crawl Night
Friday, February 9, 7-11PM

Artist Statement: Designated deconstruction of source material placed into geometric housing confines based upon hard edges and concrete aesthetics. Manipulation of source material has everything to do with my practice in harsh noise as well as collage. Taking elements of everyday sounds and objects and turning them into something that has never yet existed. Frequencies in relation to Xerox scans are things that can not be replicated digitally by the click of a button but rather are all one of a kind pieces, creating analog textures and natural grain all dependant on how the manipulator has chosen to experiment with their source material and tools. Taking the idea of building a foundation without an idea of a specific end result but rather letting the physical motion of creating become more important than the finished product. Selections of scans, cut into square and rectangular shapes, formulating geometric homes where perspective is relative to each home in of itself as well as the collage as a whole. Caustic and stretched images create a flow of liquidity in relation to position and how each selection blends with the selection beside it and so on with contradicting idea of each selection being their own identity as well.

228 James Street North (Basement at Rear)
Hamilton, ON 905-546-7869

On Art Crawl Nights you can enter via bcontemporary gallery upstairs on James Street or just use the alley like usual, punk.