26. September 2017 - 18:00
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Salsa Classes in Hamilton w/ United Salseros (10 wks) | The Spice Factory | Tuesday, 26. September 2017

SALSASOUL PRODUCTIONS is thrilled to introduce the amazing SALSA instruction of UNITED SALSEROS to Hamilton this fall!

Whether you are looking to build a strong foundation or want to enhance your technique and existing repertoire, this ten-week session is for you!

OCT. 3 – NOV. 7 and NOV. 28 – DEC. 19, 2017 (10 WEEKS)
(NOTE: There will be a 2-week break and no classes on Nov. 14 & 21)

Module 101 / Salsa Technique / 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. /
Module 102 / The 10 Key Salsa Steps & Their Variations / 7:00 p.m. – 8: 00 p.m. Directed Practice / 8:00 p.m. – 8: 30 p.m. /

UNITED SALSEROS is one of the top and longest running salsa schools in Canada. Known for their high level of technique and ability to produce high level dancers, instructors and performers, UnitedSalseros has performed and taught at salsa events all over North America and Europe and is requested for more international level workshops than any other Canadian dance company!

• Foundational footwork for smooth stepping with contra-body movement to give you that natural Latin groove
• Clear leading and highly responsive following with advanced and adaptive framing technique
• Multiple spinning and turning techniques
• Basic natural posture
• Body isolations (body waves, shoulder, hip, head, and rib cage rolls)
• The 12 Key Shines w/ basic corresponding movements, which can be used to create hundreds of combinations
• The 3 essential elements for very good movement

•Module 102 must be taken with Module 101
• The 10 Key Salsa Steps, each of which has many variations and comprises 90% of the
follower’s footwork dance
• Randomization of these key steps without fail and to never run out of movements
• Application of partner work styling without compromising leading and following
•Add contrast to your movements in order to breathe life into the choreography
• “Less is More” - Concentrating on a few figures enables you to focus on the elements that make the movements look beautiful.

• Join your classmates in a relaxed and efficient rotational practice so you can repeat and cement all of the skills you learned in class!

The Spice Factory, 121 Hughson St. N., Hamilton
Free lot and street parking available after 6:00 p.m.


Classes will run Tuesdays from OCT. 3 – NOV. 7 and NOV. 28 – DEC. 19, 2017 (10 WEEKS)

/Module 101 + 102 + Directed Practice/
Before Sept. 24: $250 ~ Before Sept. 26: $275 ~ After: $300

***BONUS orientation CLASS on Sept 26! Register on or before Sept. 26 to attend!***

Students may still be able to join the program until the 3rd week; however, if joining at that time, a one-hour private lesson is recommended.

***To REGISTER contact: salsasoulproductions@gmail.com
For more information: teddy@

***Advance registration is required so we can meet a minimum number of students for the classes to run ***

See the posts in this event for more information about teacher Teddy Olaso as well as to read a message from him to the Hamilton salsa community.
  • Hi All, Due to some unexpected closures on the QEW, Teddy will not be able to start the first class until 7 pm tonight. He sends his sincere apologies and will see you at 7.
  • Hey All! A reminder that salsa classes officially start THIS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3rd. Don't miss the opportunity to join this awesome group of salseras y salseros! A smaller and more intimate group means more individualized attention on YOU! :)
  • Wish I could go.
  • Hi Salseras y Salseros! A reminder that registration continues tonight. Bonus class starts at 6 p.m. See you there!
  • 💃🕺Hey All! Thanks again to those who have signed up so far! There is still time to register before or at the bonus class which is TOMORROW at 6 pm! Looking forward to seeing you all! Email salsasoulproductions@gmail.com for more info 😀 💃🕺
  • Any other times for these classes??? I want to do it so bad but work until 7 pm every Tuesday!!
  • Hey All! Thanks to everyone who has signed up for the lessons so far! Sign up before TOMORROW (SUNDAY) night, and get the bonus class + PLUS the best price! :)
  • Emailed in my registration last night. Hopefully there is room.
  • 💃🕺🎶 A message from teacher TEDDY OLASO to THE HAMILTON SALSA COMMUNITY💃🕺🎶 It was my pleasure to dance with some of you at the social last Sunday! I am glad to have the opportunity to teach in the Hamilton area and would like to bring the benefit it brought over to Kitchener/Waterloo/Guelph area since I also started teaching about 3 years ago. It is important to note, however, that although that this program stands on its own and if it's the only class you can take it will still teach you how to dance Salsa with good fundamentals, that it will not replace your local instruction. The information you learn in these classes will be beneficial to you regardless of what style of movement you are taught currently or in the future because it teaches how to control all your movements from "Point A to Point D" (inside terminology and joke that you will soon learn if you take the class). They will allow you to choose your style and understand all movements thoroughly and maximize what you are locally learning upon your discretion. Local instruction is still absolutely necessary, as well, as social dancing on a regular basis in order to advance, because they especially are important for the applied aspects of what you are learning here, and since my time in Hamilton is quite limited, it is essential that, if possible, you invest in both in order to fully maximize your learning, especially if you are a novice and have very limited Salsa experience. Advanced dancers, on the other hand (usually comprising of instructors, performers and those who have years of social dancing experience and who have attended international Salsa congresses) are also given their own class, and the standard there is higher. I do not believe in restricting access to information just because one is not a part of the same group; everything I learned I learned from someone else, or I simply re-formatted in a manner that everyone can relate, understand, and be challenged best. I am hoping these classes will become a great supplementary training for the upcoming and even established dancers in the area---I look forward to teaching and also learning from you as my students, ironically, have also always been my best teachers! Regards, Teddy
  • ~About teacher TEDDY OLASO~ Teddy is one of the founders and directors of Toronto’s dance company, United Salseros. Having a background in internal martial arts, Teddy has an in-depth knowledge of somatic education, which allows him to produce positive and measurable results regardless of a student’s learning aptitude and experience. He has taken workshops, taught, and collaborated with professional Salsa and non-Salsa dancers, instructors & choreographers, ranging from Hip-Hop, Afro-Cuban, Contemporary and other dances. Teddy has trained over 300 instructors and performers, some of them from as far as Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Israel, Australia, and Mexico. His instructional and training methodology is cutting-edge and holistic in nature--covering technique, musicality, timing, choreography, natural expression and creativity as an organic whole.