08. February 2018 - 19:00 till 22:00

Public Reading of "Murder at the Worcestershire" | Staircase Cafe Theatre | Thursday, 08. February 2018

Attend the premiere reading of a new play by local Hamilton writers Kristi Boulton and Aaron Cowan!

"Murder at the Worcestershire" is a classic Whodunnit in the style of Agatha Christie’s most memorable works. Hotel proprietor Otto Worcestershire and his endearing manager Cornelius Bunt are readying the hotel for the arrival of England’s biggest name in show business, Sadie Shirley. But Miss Shirley brings more to the Hotel Worcestershire than just her charm and stunning good looks. Accompanying the famous starlet is her indelicate producer Leo Schilling, who will stop at nothing to protect his number one client. Miss Sadie and Mr. Schilling’s stay at the hotel is only further complicated by the arrival of local opera singer Felicity Rococco, London detective Chester Ellis, and the lovely yet mysterious French couple - Pierre and Odette Poupon. Surely trouble will brew, and certainly someone won’t make it past dinner!

Join Kristi, Aaron and a cast of actors in the first public reading of this play. The evening will consist of a 1 hour reading and an opportunity to provide feedback following an intermission in the cafe.

This will surely prove to be a fun and exciting evening as The Staircase hosts the world premiere of “Murder at the Worcestershire”!
Cost = $5.00

Cast of Players:
Otto Worcestershire: Mart Alas
Cornelius Bunt: Tyler Brent
Chester Elis: Peter Gruner
Pierre Poupon: Philip Krusto
Odette Poupon: Adriana Lara
Felicity Rococo: Moe Dwyer
Sadie Shirley: Erin Macdonald-Newton
Leo Schilling: Harrison Wheeler
with stage directions by: Rose Usenica