Jared & Veronica's Stag & Doe | St. Michael's Hungarian Greek Catholic Hall | Friday, 09. February 2018

We are so excited to invite you all to Jared & Veronica’s Stag & Doe!
Please celebrate with us on Friday, February 9th :) doors open at 7:30 PM


Please reach out to Jared, Veronica or the following for tickets!

Veronica Berrie 905-979-5172
Jared Baird 902-305-7488 (yes 902... )

Rose W Berrie or Billy K Berrie
Tif Anie Spencer
Sammy Bee
Angie Berrie

Tickets $10 each
With many friends and all of Jared’s family being out of town (and because who carries cash on them these days…not us) we are accepting etransfers (vberrie4@gmail.com and/or 905-979-5172) and will plan delivery dates to get you your tickets or you can pick them up at the door when you arrive!

We hope to see you all there!

Jared & Vee
  • We are looking forward to seeing you all at the Stag and Doe.
  • For all those Stag & Doe game players, here’s your chance to win 60oz bottles if you so happen to come out on top!! We are 6 days away from The Event, if you do not have tickets please let me know and Jared and I can meet up with you! Tickets are available at the door as well If you cannot make it but would like to support, you are welcome to etransfer vberrie4@gmail.com and we will enter your name into a Gift Card draw for $50 towards Canadian Tire! Thank you everyone! Excited to see you all there 😊🍻
  • Insanely amazing Wooden Cooler built by Bert Holmes & Shannon Langton on behalf of Extreme Dodgeball Hamilton up for grabs... PLUS... it will be filled with all kinds of booze!! I am already jealous of whoever wins this!
  • We are officially 3 WEEKS AWAY!! Need some incentive to get your ticket(s)?? Here are a few prizes up for grabs! To get your tickets, please contact Jared, myself, Rose W Berrie, Billy K Berrie, or Tif Anie
  • What games will be there?? #LikesGames
  • Now is the time to start putting teasers out there for some raffle prizes! Jared & I will be delivering tickets this Wednesday, January 10th. Send me a message or text (905-979-5172) if you want tickets! $10/ticket and we will take cash or etransfer vberrie4@gmail.com. Also remember if you are unable to make it and would like to support our event, you will be entered to win a $50 Canadian Tire Gift Card! This draw will take place Feb 9th and a video will be posted to the group! Photos below are of some Gift Cards up for grabs: Canadian Tire $50 The Keg $25 Denningers $50 Glamorous Nails & Beauty $25 Starbucks $15 Pita Pit $25 Pub Fiction $50 Flat Rocks Cellar - Wine Tour + $100 Voucher Shawn & Ed Brewing Co - 10 Tour Passes + $100 Voucher 100x Thank You to all those who have donated and purchased a ticket so far! We love you all! If you are interested in donating to our event please send me a message! <3
  • Thank you Kendra Fernie for your amazing donations! 100 Tanning minutes @ Fabutan AND 1 full classic lash set @ Hush Lash Studio! If you or any one you know can make a donation please pm me.. or if you have any information on businesses that donate please let me know as well. Thank you! :) <3 Vee & Jared
  • Sorry we can't come we won't be here will be in Cuba, we're going January 20th coming back march 10th. Congratulations & best wishes to you both.
  • Can't go im too bussssayyy
  • Oh I wish I could be here, I'll be in LA. But I'll definitely buy tickets!
  • Looks like fun love 😀
  • To far away fam
  • Not sure if I can attend but I’ll defs buy a ticket!
  • 😜