17. October 2017 - 20:30
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Indie Rock Summit #3 - Social Media in Music | The Lounge at Casbah | Tuesday, 17. October 2017

How do you participate in music? Concert-goer? Listener? Purchaser? Musician? Business owner? Engineer? Educator?

INDIE ROCK SUMMIT is a monthly series of Q&A discussions hosted by The Lounge at Casbah that will focus on relevant topics that pertain to our local music community.

Panelists will express opinions, field questions and participate in a healthy debate on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 7-10pm.

No cover charge. Open to All-Ages.

The next Summit - TUES NOV 21st
Topic: "Social Media & how you can use it affectively for your music"
Panelists: Kristian Borghesan (Bruha.com), Allan Grzicic (AGrizzlyBlog) & Gunner Smith (Gunnersmith.ca)
Moderator: Suzanne Zandbergen (The Generator)

How many people actually read what you post on Facebook? When does your Social Media reach dissipate? Is Instagram the answer to all life's problems? Four Square Don't Care?