02. November 2017 - 20:30
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Gladstone Karaoke Night Hosted by Janus Legion | The Gladstone Tavern | Thursday, 02. November 2017

Every Thursday Night!

Enter Your Name to Win a Pair of FREE Tickets to the upcoming Saturday Night's Stand-Up!!

Deacon Media welcomes Janus Legion to the New Gladstone Family!! More than 30,000 songs to pick from. Are you ready to be a Star?

Janus Legion is a performer in his own right, and will keep the room moving from start to finish. There is NO better karaoke in Crown Point, and probably no better karaoke in Hamilton on a Thursday night!

Brought to you by The Gladstone Tavern & Deacon Media!

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  • We have sadly had to cancel the Karaoke. Even though word was slowly getting around, Thursday nights were seemingly going to be an issue. Even guests that came mentioned it. Along with an existing landlord issue, this has lead to this decision. We hope, if Janus Legion will allow, that we can begin anew perhaps in the Spring of 2018, and perhaps on a weekend? Your feedback on this matter is important.
  • #JustPreachin ... super night for our the first Karaoke! About a steady 50 people for most of the night. Nice to see old friends and meet new folks. #Shoutouts to Jimmy, Erika, Frank, JR, Cheryl, Ann Brinston Reece, Kathy Hayes Wristen Labonville, Christopher Sin Labonville, Patrick Vezina, Timothy McConville, Susan Edwards, Robert Les and all those I may have forgotten whom I met ... Please like this event, share this event, tweet, instagram, etc. In the upcoming weeks we will be giving away a pair of FREE tickets to the Saturday Night's Stand Up event in December. Tell your friends and help us spread the word!!
  • Our first night went very well. Shout out to all who showed tonight. Hope to see more folka in the coming weeks. Peace and safe travels. ;)
  • Sorry I can’t come tonight have to be up by 6 to go to work
  • Would love to come to support you but am broke and have to work tomorrow morning. I wish you the best of luck tonight. I know it will be a smash!!!