18. October 2018 - 9:00 till 18:00
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THE 100 – FUTURE SUMMIT SERIES | WeWork Stadthaus | Thursday, 18. October 2018

Calling all pioneers, troublemakers and rebels!!!Share, ideate & create with 8 world class leaders from AirBnb, WeWork, The Hustle and more.Be one of The 100 - get your tickets NOW:
What is the '100'?
A two-day coming together of 100 people around future relevant topics and themes, where selected participants speak, lead discussions, and help other participants develop ideas, concepts and prototypes to change their work, life and world.
Wait, this isn’t a conference?
We don’t believe in the conference model. We believe in the cross-pollination of inspiration and ideas from one person to another. We believe in creating something together and not sitting and listening to a line-up of esteemed individuals. We believe in esteemed individuals having a group discussion and making something out of that discussion. We believe in the maker spirit and learning by doing. We believe in you leaving the 100 and the next week implementing your learnings and the ideas you created into your work, life, and world.
Our 8 speakers will talk about their experiences, their craft, and hold a discussion on that thematic area to 100 talented individuals.
Then we will break the 100 into 10 pods which will conceptualize ideas and solutions to topic relevant timed challenges.
Under the guidance of these eight individuals you will be creating light-prototypes you can take back to your office, home and community.
Who are these 'Eight' individuals?
They are pioneers and masters in the same breath. Masters in their field and craft and pioneers in their approach and outlook. You can expect dynamic founders, engineers, architects, researchers and designers. These are people that don’t have labels because their work has been appreciated and coveted by so many individuals, industries and organizations.
Are you 1/100?
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