02. November 2017 - 11:00

Weekly Meet up for Business Owners | Bedford Basin Farmers Market | Thursday, 02. November 2017

Meetup for business owners and health coaches in HRM!
I will be giving our nourish. goodies each week! Grab one each week by sharing this event on your page and/or tagging a business buddy!
I (Stephanie McWilliams ) will be hanging out upstairs at the Bedford Market drinking coffee if you want to come by and chit chat! Come on over to our free community group on facebook if you can't make it in person or book a free 25 minute clarity call with Steph! Work Smarter, Not Harder: FREE community group
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Let me know if you are coming so I know who to expect!
11:00 - 11:30: Networking and mingling
11:30 -12:30: Group chat
12:30 - 1:00: Networking and live video opportunity
  • For those that can't come in person or the time doesn't work out! I am now hosting a weekly meet up online! Tuesday's 2PM Atlantic time (1PM EST). https://business.facebook.com/events/454744651589409/
  • Today's meet up will be online due to the weather! AGENDA 11:00 - 11:30: Networking and mingling 11:30 -12:30: Group chat 12:30 - 1:00: Networking and live video opportunity Join at the link below anytime between 11-1 https://zoom.us/j/378502920
  • CLIENT SUCCESS STORY! Hear what Julia from Wonder Woman Wellness has to say about working with me in my 90 day growth plan! ---------------------------------- 1) Let us know who you help and your signature product/program you are offering right now. My name is Julia Hudson and I'm a health coach focused on empowering women over 30 to feel and look good through nutrition, supplements and lifestyle. My first signature offer is a 90-day weight loss program. Lose 10-15 pounds and keep it off. The products I'll be offering with this program are really exciting and also include beautifying nutrients and vitamins. I'm very passionate about collagen supplementation for skin, gut and joint health. And I have experienced massive benefits in my own life since supplementing. If you'd like to learn more about this or about the 90-day weight loss program, you can book a free 20 min Clarity call with me through Instagram, @wonderwomanwellnessns and Facebook, Wonder Woman Wellness. ---------------------------------- 2) What part of working together did you find the most beneficial (ie: Video consults, workbooks, email access, support group, mindset tools, resources, audios etc.) I found a lot of things about working with you beneficial. The workbooks were great because they forced you to really delve deep and do some self-reflection. Some people are reluctant to journal and do self-reflection, but the workbooks make it easier and more fun. You were also always readily available through email and instagram and always super supportive of all my post, videos and content. The support group and people I have connected to through the weekly business meet-up and the online community have really been so amazing and expanded my network and confidence. ---------------------------------- 3) If you were to go back and talk to yourself when you were deciding to sign up for the coaching program with Steph what would you say to yourself? I would say - It's definitely the right decision! It was the right time in my life to sign up for coaching. It gave me support and determination. Even if you think its not the right time - do it anyways. Doing something different and challenging is sometimes scary but definitely worth it! ---------------------------------- 4) Share with us how it felt when you broke through limiting beliefs and/or reached your sales goals. It felt amazing to start challenging my limiting beliefs! In particular, my belief about perfectionism. Pushing myself to get something finished even though its not perfect has been a big improvement for me these past few months. Doing Live videos is definitely a good way to get over perfectionism! It also challenged me to get over myself and become more confident. ---------------------------------- For full details on my 90 Day Growth Plan click the link below! https://www.nourishcuratedwellness.com/products/4steps-to-success
  • Hey guys! I am thrilled at the interest in this event! If you are not able to make it in person but are excited to get to work on simplifying and growing your business I invite you to book a FREE clarity call in with Steph at the link below! https://calendly.com/nourish-steph
  • I might be able to go this week!
  • CLIENT SUCCESS STORY Hear how Joanne from Meditation Matters and Mind Body Solutions grew her business online and is now effortlessly attracting her ideal client!
  • How I took nourish. (My health business) from struggling to thriving. Book a FREE 25 minute call with Steph to get clear on your business goals ---> calendly.com/nourish-steph
  • Getting fancy up in here! AGENDA 11:00 - 11:30: Networking and mingling 11:30 -12:30: Group chat 12:30 - 1:00: Networking and live video opportunity NEXT MEETING:December 28th TOPIC: Closing off 2017 and getting ready to rock 2018! Who's coming?
  • What goes on at our meet ups! Meet Julia from Wonder Woman Wellness ! Rocken online video and day four in our GO LIVE FOR 5 CHALLENGE ! Ryann in there for back up dance moves and a good laugh! Want to go live but are SCARED? Being scared to go live is totally normal. Join us for our FREE GO LIVE FOR 5 challenge in our free support group Work Smarter, Not Harder: FREE community group to bust through the nerves and grow your business online using live video. Come join in person ---> Weekly Meet up for Business Owners
  • December 21st business owners and a special treat from Chef Kim at Food Intuition ! See you all next week! Excited to meet new faces!
  • Chef Kim from Food Intuition MAY be able to make it this Thursday! I won some truffles that I will be sharing! ;) Good week to come regardless! If Kim can't break away at this busy time of year I'll have my nourish. curated wellness goodie bag for you all to pick from! Who's will I see this week? Ryann Pinkerton Julia Hudson Julia Brine Paulina Alfaro Repetto Ute Fiedler Corinne Boudreau Joanne Seviour Share our event page Weekly Meet up for Business Owners for goodie bag treats!
  • Shall we keep this party going into the New Year?
  • This week Julia is doing her live videos for our GO LIVE FOR 5 CHALLENGE and day 4 will be at our meet up if anyone wants to go live with us! Topic: Your favorite skin care and anti aging tip!
  • Julia Hudson from our Weekly Meet up group Killin it with Live video on her new business page Wonder Woman Wellness! 327 views and counting!
  • One of the things we did on DAY ONE of our meet up group was narrow down our niche. I started with "helping coaches quit their day jobs in 90 day" . . . 7 weeks later I have much more clarity on my ideal client and who I want to work with. . . . How's this for a niche and elevator pitch...What do you think? Still needs to be shortened to one sentence, one breath... feedback welcomed! . . . I help health coaches grow their business online. We do this with my simple 4 Step Process to effortlessly attract your ideal client by simple sharing your story online. YOU are your OWN money magnet. . . . Share your niche in the comments! If you have no idea what a niche is check out the video below (Skip ahead a minute to get into the goods)!
  • Opportunity for Female health coaches! ----------------------------------------- This is one of the many things I did 2 years ago to automate my health business and create leveraged income.
  • ONLINE MEET UP TONIGHT! 7:15-8:15 Halifax time! Join with the link in the comments!
  • FREE WORKBOOK TO CLOSE OFF THE YEAR: PDF version of the workbook is under the files tab in Work Smarter, Not Harder: FREE community group ! Online version/link is in the comments! Comment below if you want the video recording to go along with the workbook!
  • Who's coming today? 🙋🏻
  • Share your business pages in the comments! https://business.facebook.com/StephanieMcWilliamsCoaching/
  • Today's meeting was fantastic! A few gems missing in the group photo Ryann Pinkerton Ute Fiedler and Paulina Alfaro Repetto MEETING TOPICS TO DATE: - TRUST THE JOURNEY - - LET GO OF THE GOOD TO MAKE ROOM FOR THE GREAT - - PREDICT YOUR FUTURE, CREATE IT - - ACTION IS THE NAME OF THE GAME - - IMPERFECTION IS PERFECTION ---------------------------------------- Comment below with your take aways from today's meeting Snowbuddha Malas & Affirmation Beads
  • Sorry I couldn’t make it. Had too many meetings scheduled today. Definitely will try next time!
  • Does the online world have you pulling your eyeballs out? Follow my no fuss, fool proof 4 Step Process to Sell Online. Works every time!