16. February 2018 - 19:00
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Trapped in the 90s: Totally Epic Pub Crawl | Downtown Halifax | Friday, 16. February 2018

Break​ the Winter Blues, ​put your textbooks away, and the office can wait until after the long weekend because we are all going on a totally epic 90s pub crawl​.​

This is a throwback to one of the most iconic decades as we help fill Halifax's streets and drinking spots with bright neon, loud fashion, and amazing music.

Mark ​Friday, ​February ​16th, 2018 on your calendar, and grab your $20 ticket before ​all 250 spots sell out. ​​Early bird buyers get a nostalgic 90s gift pack, that will send you back in time with great memories.

Prizes for the best outfit, best group outfit, and most neon outfit awarded the night of the crawl! so start planning your epic 90s fashion for the night!
  • our last set of ticket giveaways before the 90s crawl in 10 days!! just tag your 90s sidekicks and you could win 2 tickets to the 90s crawl on feb. 16th!
  • it s simple: post a 90s gif and you could win a "liquid gift" at one of our stops. here s one that reminds me of my first time at jj rosys...
  • these arrived, one for every ticket holder. don t know about you, but this sure brings back some 90s memories.
  • Hi! I’m wondering when the bar list might be released? Thanks!!
  • my favorite part about the 90s... in honor of this, all tickets tonight are 2 for 1. just buy a ticket. pm us the name on the ticket. we 'll send you a promo code for a free ticket.
  • tag your 90s crew for a chance to win a pair of tickets!!
  • get your outfits ready... get your group ready! it s around the corner! !
  • nothing says the 90s like the ninja turtles... here s an excerpt from my favorite tmnt book featuring my favorite turtle.
  • this storm has us going stir-crazy. we thought we d brighten the mood here... until midnight, all tickets are 2 for 1. 1. buy a ticket 2. inbox us the name on the ticket 3. we will send you a promo code for a free ticket 4. find a friend and plan your exciting 90s outfit
  • best opening to any 90s tv show..! hands. down.
  • Best thing about the 90’s was the Spice Girls!!😬
  • tonight s soundtrack... straight off of dance mix '93!
  • Best thing about the 90s is the music of course!
  • Fave thing about the 90s: the music, for sure 🎶
  • 90's Video Games = Happiness
  • My favourite thing about the 90s has got to be the music!!! 🎶🤗💃
  • tag your friends who d make great "pub crawl partners-in-crime" and you all could win tickets to the 90s crawl, plus some fun 90s-themed gifts!
  • Pj!!! This is on my birthday!!!
  • This 🖤
  • those moon shoes though...