13. February 2018 - 17:00 till 19:00
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SOSNS Open Mic & Poetry Slam! - Halifax Edition | Just Us! Coffeehouse, Spring Garden Road | Tuesday, 13. February 2018

#SOSNS is inviting you to come and create a safe environment for anyone who is willing to share their experiences and creative solutions with the public.

These open mics are intended to promote healing, growth and understanding for anyone that has suffered from depleted mental health - if you are someone who would like to understand the realities of suffering from mental health and the impact that it has on someone's life, or if you or someone you know has suffered from suicidal ideation or a depletion of mental health, we welcome you to join us.

This is an awareness campaign that is rapidly growing. Our goal is to create a community of support and in the long-run build a 24/h alternative healing centre that will work alongside the emergency rooms of Nova Scotia hospitals. In order to create the impact that we want to see we must continue to share our stories and build our community by creating safe spaces where people can hold space for one another and voice their creative solutions to encountered problems with the mental health sector of Nova Scotia.

You may pre-register a time slot by contacting the #SOSNS campaign directly through their facebook page, or sign-up at the event - be aware that it is a first come, first serve system.

This is a campaign inspired by creative solutions rather than focusing on what is the problem, so please come prepared to share your creative solutions and help us create a better mental health system for all Nova Scotians!

**At this particular event we are not having any musical acts, but in the future we will be holding events where we to welcome any form of creative arts, so stay tuned!**