09. February 2018 - 20:00 till 22:00
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SOLD OUT! Daniel Champagne LIVE at The Carleton! | The Carleton Music Bar & Grill | Friday, 09. February 2018

H A L I F A X ✨ recently described as 'the finest guitar player of his generation' - the Australian born & Nashville based virtuoso brings his world tour and brand new album 'Fault Lines' back to Canada playing The Carleton Music Bar & Grill February 9th! Very limited tickets available here..

“The word Prodigy seems to entirely fall short of this soft-spoken young man’s skills, he coaxes sounds and melodies out of his instrument that literally drop jaws.” The Calgary Herald, CANADA

“Today I saw the future of Folk – Festival goers flocking in their thousands towards the main stage to witness a young musical phenomenon from Australia dish out an absolute show-stopper.”
The Firefly Column, USA

“Daniel Champagne is a crossroads. Fusing the strong traditions of Blues, Folk and other roots art with pop showmanship and admirable lyrical ability. I firmly believe that he will become an ambassador for roots music in a time where it desperately needs representation.”
The Indie Blender, CANADA

“reinventing roots guitar”
Rhythms Magazine, AUSTRALIA

“Watching Daniel Champagne perform is a once in a lifetime experience. He is a true prodigy that plays like no one else could possibly play unless they spent at least two lifetimes studying the art.” BW Review, NEW ZEALAND

‘Daniel Champagne exudes a natural ease on stage, as he sings poignant lyrics and beautifully crafted melodies that invariably whisk the heart up with grand romanticism. Coupled with an exhilarating guitar talent that transcends mere acoustic playing to replicate a whole band, Champagne is just magical’ , AUSTRALIA
  • Hey everyone! Initial pre sale tix sold out but we we're able to release just 5 more....snap them up quick if you still need to and see you all soon!
  • HALIFAX 🇨🇦 Last summer was my first time ever playing your city and I had so much fun that I decided to drag my tour through all of the East Canadian snow to come back on Feb 9!! This will actually be the Carleton's first show back after a long run of renovations so it's a great chance to get behind an incredible local venue and enjoy a night of live music! 🎶 you can follow this link to grab tickets ⬇️ and please share this post and tag any friends that you think might enjoy!! http://www.thecarleton.ca/events/daniel-champagne-2/
  • Happy New Year and not so long now everyone...see you all Feb 9!!! 🇨🇦
  • Hey guys! I know a few of you were trying to grab tickets and let me know something was up with the link. Thanks...here's all the info...I'll see you there!! Daniel http://www.thecarleton.ca/events/daniel-champagne-2/
  • Hey Everyone! I had such a great time playing Halifax over the summer that I decided it would be more than worth traveling through some winter to be back playing The Carleton Music Bar & Grill! Please invite any music loving friends to this event, spread the word around town and I'll see you all in February! Daniel x