21. November 2017 - 19:00
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Silent Reading at the Imbibrary | Good Robot Brewing Company | Tuesday, 21. November 2017

Jan 30th is a special edition Silent Reading. Atlantic Book Festival is bringing two copies of East Coast Crafted to give away as door prizes and that the money raised is for the Atlantic Book Awards, for which 2018 is the 10 year anniversary.

A crowd favourite is back at Good Robot! You no longer need to sneak beer into the library!

Two Hours. Your Book. Your Beer. That's it
No talking. No phones. No cover. No miniature ponies.

Jan 30th
Mar 14th
Apr 25th

Plan your book clubs accordingly
  • Please. Please. Please do this more often.... 🙏🏼 Sincerely the racing mind of a local writer who values the silent reading zen. #BooksAndBeer
  • Tonight is the night folks. The snow has let up and we are in for a cozy night of reading.
  • Why does the "Atlantic Book Awards" require fundraising exactly?
  • Good Morning bibliophiles! Storm be damned we are reading tonight. Reminder that this is a special Goodwill Event so you $1 of every beer will go to the Atlantic Book Festival
  • Tonight is the night, escape the crummy weather. It hardly ever rains in the taproom anymore
  • Tonight is the night folks, remember to come early to grab a spot
  • Ooooh! Maybe one of these times I’ll actually show up early enough to get a seat!
  • Laptops allowed?
  • But guys, I work every Tuesday night why are you doing this to me