03. February 2018 - 22:00
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Re-Elect Julia-Simone Rutgers for BOG Rep | King's Students' Union | Saturday, 03. February 2018

Hello everyone!

My name is Julia-Simone Rutgers and I am running for re-election as one of your Board of Governors Representatives!

At this university, the Board of Governors is our highest governing body. It's made up of 30 members representing the university, the anglican church, the alumni, and the King’s community. There are only 3 student members, and board meetings are closed to the public.

This representational structure means that there is little students can say or do to influence the body that makes decisions that affect us all. Student voices are important in that room, and I am excited for the opportunity to continue to amplify diverse student voices in the boardroom for another term.

In the past year, I worked with the President and the other BoG representative to continue conversations at the board surrounding issues like the reduction of tuition fees, encouraging diversity at King's, and securing tenure track appointments for some of our amazing profs.

If re-elected, I will continue to work on bringing these issues to the forefront at the board level. I will continue to push for the lowering and eventual elimination of tuition fees for students, but beyond that, I will lobby the board to publicly push for funding from provincial and federal governments. I will continue to advocate for equity and responsible, non-tokenizing approaches to increased diversity on campus.

In particular, as part of our work in this past term, the Board of Governors reps began consultation to find ways to centre reconciliation as a goal for the board. With this consultation, we brought forward and passed a motion to begin flying the Mi'maq Grand Council flag on our university flagpole. Of course, this is not where reconciliation ends on our campus, and if re-elected I plan to continue working to bring conversations around reconciliation and decolonization to the table.

The Board of Governor's representative also has a voice on KSU council! I served a term as Communications Vice President 2016-17 and a term as Board of Governors Representative in 2017-18, and would bring experience as a dedicated and vocal member of council to this aspect of the role.

Perhaps most importantly, I strongly believe that the crux of student representation is open dialogue between students and their elected reps. I want to continue to be present and active on campus, and to be available to hear and learn from this community. I want to know what issues folks are passionate about seeing addressed by the board. and relay our voices and needs as passionately and openly to the board as I can.

To follow along with my campaign, please click going on this event! Thanks for reading, and make sure to VOTE FEBRUARY 14th and 15th!

much love,


**Disclaimer: sharing this event in any way counts as third party campaigning and is against election rules so please don't do that!