21. September 2017 - 10:00
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HFX Professional Morning Training with Mocean Dance | Mocean Dance | Thursday, 21. September 2017

Morning Professional Training with Mocean Dance

Ongoing weekly morning training - M-F 10-11:30am. Mocean classes are open to the public and drop-ins are welcome.

Location: Halifax Dance, $10/drop in
These classes are open to the public. Class level is intermediate to advance. Must have previous dance experience but not limited to professional dancers only.

Class Dates and Teachers:

Nov 9 - Sara Coffin
Tues Nov 14 - Julie Robert (Halifax/Montreal)
Thurs Nov 16 - Julie Robert (Halifax/Montreal)
Thurs Nov 23, 30, - Heidi Strauss (Toronto)
Dec 7, 14, 21 - Sara and Lukas

Full Week Options:
Nov 20-24 with Heidi Strauss
Nov 27- Dec 1 with collaborators from the Heidi Strauss project

Class Descriptions:

Heidi Strauss
Class Content and Themes of Interest: (Nov 20-24, M-F):
The class will focus on fluid articulation of the spine and attention to listening to sensation and feeling response in movement. We will move between set phrases and improvised structures in a way that considers weight, direction and play.

Lukas Malkowski
Class Content & Themes of Interest: (Nov 28 & 30, T/TH):
-Connecting sensation with movement, specifically touch and sight.
-Task-based movement exploration; individually and potentially in groups/pairings
-Phrases of physical movement, moving in and out of the floor based off of principles of breakdance and contemporary.

Recently moved to the HFX, Julie Robert is a LADMMI grad, dances in Montreal with various companies including currently with Parts + Labour Danse and has a keen interest in the east coast/Halifax area that she looks forward to developing.

Julie's Class Content/Themes of Interest (coming up in Dec/Jan) -
My daily movement practice is rooted in Gaga, a fundamentally physical & sensation-based movement language that allows dancers to increase self-awareness, awaken numb areas & amplify sensations through multilayered tasks and rich imagery. The practice provides a framework in which to investigate speed, texture and form, and inside this shared research, we seek to connect to the pleasure of exertion. By means of a 1h30 class accompanied by music, I will lead us through a task-oriented movement exploration, allowing us to actively “check in” with our bodies, moving outside habitual movement patterns and tapping into our instinctive nature through physical exhaustion