01. May 2079 - 0:00 till 23:59
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Halifax Solar Eclipse 2079 | Halifax, Nova Scotia | Monday, 01. May 2079

Halifax Solar Eclipse 2079
  • If I'm dead by 94 I expect one of you young whippersnappers to drag my corpse out of the mausoleum, so I can be seen to attend this most esteemed of events.
  • One case of beer outta do eh Rick?
  • I will be filling my casket with sale and bulk bought glasses from the one a few weeks ago. Please dig me up for your safety and my attendance.
  • Cool event! I'd like to go but I'm going to be dead this weekend
  • Where's everyone meeting up?
  • Here's a great deal on eclipse proof Oakleys! Sure they'll still be around then.
  • If I am still alive for this I will be 105 years old. This time, I'll be staring directly into the sun, because seriously, I'll be mostly blind by that time anyway.
  • Whoever created this event, please, know, you made my day! 😂😂😂
  • Why did you guys plan this for a Monday? You should push it back to the weekend.
  • CRISPR/cas9. I'll be there ;)
  • What time is it at? I have something planned at 11am.
  • My grandfather made it to 96, I'll be 99 for this event - not impossible 😂 I'm marking my calendar now! 😂
  • Would love to go but it's doubtful I'll be able to make it.
  • I'll be dead but I wish all of you (who don't die before then) an incredible time ;)
  • ill be 82 so I hope to make it!
  • I'll be 100 but I'm there!
  • This one is close lol 2024
  • Great places to watch the Eclipse! Important Note: The Discovery Centre will likely be under water due to global warming. It is recommended to seek higher ground like Citadel Hill.
  • If im still alive surrrreeee
  • Count me in! I'll be over in the centenarian section.
  • I'll be 114 but will be there.
  • I will be 115, but will do my best! 😺
  • I'll be 82 but down to go! Wanna watch it with me? Tristen Thomson
  • Hopefully I'll show up with my wheelchair
  • The Discovery Centre probably has discounted Eclipse Glasses! Stock up early and save!