20. January 2018 - 9:00 till 17:00
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Halifax, Nova Scotia- The Movement Fix Workshop | Crossfit Kinetics | Saturday, 20. January 2018

Early registration for this event is appreciated since it's a long distance to travel!

Taught by Ryan DeBell, M.S., D.C.

This workshop consists of 6 packed modules:

1. The Movement Fix Framework
• Understand the biomechnical blueprint for exercise (and use it instantly to explain even the most complicated movement)
• Discover the role of ‘relative stiffness’ and how this hidden movement killer can silently sabotage your movements
• Why stretching and rolling is a gigantic lie (and what you need to be doing right now to actually solve the real problem)
• Programming templates to build dynamic plans that include the essential BIG THREE (control, strength, mobility)

2. Unlocking the upper back and shoulders
Unlock your upper back and shoulders
• What is ‘Scapular Robustness’ (and why do you desperately need to build it up)?
• Are shoulder injuries preventable? Not if your doing these 3 things wrong.
• Develop the ability to 'see under the skin' to understand what is happening anatomically when the shoulder is in motion
• Unlock the upper back to power up the overhead lifts
• The 4 key components to unlocking better shoulder mobility (even if your shoulders are a ‘problem area’ and nothing has worked before)

3. Safeguard The Low Back
• The truth about low back injuries, the mechanisms, and prevention
• How the low back compensates for the hips, shoulders, or lack of body awareness (and what to do about it)
• The easiest way to prevent low back issues is to avoid the pitfalls: combinations of certain lifts and excessive quantities of commonly used 'core exercises'
• Programming considerations to keep athletes' backs safe

4. Command your bracing strategy
• Creating tension is perfectly safe, right? Don’t be so sure! Like everything, there’s a right and wrong way to doing it correctly.
• The truth about diaphragmatic breathing…how to make it your secret weapon to supercharging lifts
• What you must do to lock your obliques. (You’ll be MUCH less likely to ‘tweak your back’ or lose power on your big lifts.)
• Get the 4 step breathing and bracing checklist…use it to build your breath mastery habit.

5. Dominate the deadlift
• Find what is preventing you from deadlifting heavier weights, safer
• How to problem solve the deadlift to find the actual limitations
• The single most important part of your deadlift might be mastering the ‘Lat Lock’
• Get our step-by-step deadlift evaluation cheatsheet. You’ll be able to quickly and confidently a) uncover the movement limitation b) figure out the right fix c) help a client (or yourself) dominate their deadlift

6. The Secret of the Squat Stance
• There’s a best way to squat with correct form, right? Nope. Learn how different body types need to squat differently, how to figure that out, and how to make the right decisions.
• Are you or your clients making these common squat errors? Why ‘pushing out the knees’ and other common cues can be a mistake for the lower back, hips, and knees.
• How to deconstruct the squat into it’s fundamental movements…take your squat apart and put it back better than before.
• No more generic squat YOUR (or those you work with) best squat stance.
• How to integrate mobility and motor control drills into your programming to turn the average person into a squatting machine