06. December 2017 - 19:00 till 20:30
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Halifax Explosion - "The Lost Memorial" | St. Paul's Church | Wednesday, 06. December 2017

St. Paul’s church was one of the few Halifax churches to withstand the Halifax explosion - and records suggest it was the only church able to organize a service the next day. While the specific events of that service are a mystery - its was surely a somber affair - with church pews surrounded by coffins - with more than 300 church families dead, displaced or injured - and with the church hall transformed into a makeshift hospital and relief station. In the “Lost Memorial” we re-create what words might have been spoken in this tragic setting. What songs would have been sung? What might the church have looked like? Most important - where did the people of Halifax even begin to look for hope?

Featuring: David Christensen, Karis Tees (and the St. Paul’s Junior Choir), El Jones, Ben Stone, Ian Bent (St. Paul’s Musician in Residence), Lukas Pearse (projection), the St. Paul’s Senior Choir, and other special guests.
  • Congrats, Andrew! What is REALLY SAD is the fact that the «grand» and historic church [UNITED MEMORIAL] with its huge bright space and magnificent acoustic, BORN of the Explosion sits abandoned and forlorn when it SHOULD have been the centre of all 100th Anniversary events. I can't help but point the finger at those who allowed this totally-avoidable fiasco to happen. A HUGE piece of Explosion history has been excluded from a years' worth of events, some of those ill-though-out and even opposed by thinking people, while the ICON of the Explosion has been deliberately excluded and set on the path to destruction by neglect. SHAME on all the guilty!!!!!