06. December 2017 - 20:00 till 21:00
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From the Ashes | St. Matthew's United Church | Wednesday, 06. December 2017

Premier of a new choral composition by Mary Knickle on the Halifax Explosion followed by the Faure Requiem conducted by the wonderful Wayne Rogers. With a large 5 part chorus this will be a memorable event to honour the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion. The Faure Requiem will be performed with a small orchestra.
  • A steady stream of tickets are being sold on Eventbrite! If you don't see the add tickets on this site - go to Eventbrite and look up "From The Ashes" and you can purchase tickets there.
  • There is also a family rate for younger kids - at the door.
  • You can now get tickets through EVENTBRITE. Buy them on Eventbrite and they are only $20. They are $25 at the door.
  • Mixed up the time on the nautical clock. The concert starts at 8PM and goes until 9:05. At 9:05 it will be exactly 12 hours after the explosion hit 100 years ago.
  • Thanks for the invite Mary. Unfortunately I do not drive far at present due to a developing cataract in my left eye that causes blurring and distorted vision.
  • Ticket information coming soon!!