03. October 2017 - 18:30
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Four Circles of Life: Learning Mi'kmaq Perspectives | Halifax Central Library | Tuesday, 03. October 2017

The Nova Scotia Environmental Network, the Peace and Friendship Alliance and the Halifax Central Library present four talking circle sessions led by four esteemed Mi'kmaq teachers
to build right relationships. The traditional Native American non-hierarchical way to solve problems is to allow people to express honestly from the heart. In turn, holding a special object, each may speak on the topic introduced, in this context, by the Mi'kmaw teacher, or pass without speaking. When everyone has spoken as many times as they wish, the teacher ends the circle.
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  • This sounds awesome! And what a line up of knowledge holders!
  • Dorene Bernard November 28th Talking Circle on Water Element Halifax Central library 6:30 p.m.
  • Water Element November 28th Dorene Bernard, MSW, is a grassroots grandmother and survivor of the residential school, water walker and water protector. She works to promote her culture and Treaty Rights to protect the water and our Mother Earth and address environmental racism in Mi'kmaki. She is currently the Coady Chair on Social Justice 2017. Water is Sacred! Water is Life! You are made of water and you cannot live without water. We will speak about our connection to the water and see the water as our Nokomaq (relation) and how we are all connected. We will learn about our relationship with water, speak to the water, sing to the water, heal the water, and protect the water, so that our next 7 generations can live.
  • Air Element October 26th A member of the Millbrook Mi’kmaw Community in Truro, Nova Scotia, Catherine Martin, B.A., Theatre Arts, Dalhousie University, M. Ed., focus on Media Literacy, Mount Saint Vincent University, is an independent producer, director, writer, facilitator, communications consultant, drummer and the first woman Mi’kmaw filmmaker from the Atlantic Region. Martin will speak on the significance, in Mi'kmaq teachings, of elements in air—the sky, the stars, the moon, the ocean tides and the wind— and share traditional stories and knowledge learned from others along her journey. As well, the importance of protecting the air we breathe in order to ensure we continue to survive on this planet and how interconnected we all are will be central to the teachings featured.
  • Also a fourth circle is now scheduled for January 11 with Joe Michael.
  • See more info here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/joanne-light/four-circles-of-life-earth-air-water-firelearning-mikmaq-perspectives-to-protect/10155589862706221/