09. December 2017 - 11:00 till 13:00
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Come one, come all! New to you, clothes for fall! | DANSpace | Saturday, 09. December 2017

Fall/winter Clothing swap at 1531 Grafton.
All shapes, sizes and genders welcome!
Leftovers will be donated.

The space can hold about 60 people at one time, so an RSVP is much appreciated so that I can plan for crowd control (if needed).
It's on the 3rd floor via an elevator that holds 8 people at a time.

There is a wheelchair ramp available to get from street into lobby--One of the two washrooms is accessible, yet no assistance bars installed.

I will create some change-rooms out of flats and I will have items sorted by Small to Large to make finding sweet finds in your size easier.

***If you would like to volunteer time to help set up, to bring refreshments or to donate hangers, full length mirrors or folding tables --Thank you so much, please message me!**
  • Hi all! I'm gearing up for the swap Saturday. Adrienne Johnston has found us some more racks and tables to spread items out. I anticipate there will be a fair number of people and therefore some waiting time to get a chance at rummaging SO I have a 4L jug of lemonade/small stack of disposable cups as a small offering of refreshments to enjoy. Can anyone else offer some crackers or cookies or juice? cups? ETC?
  • Hey all! Could we do a virtual show of hands to indicate what sizes we are bringing for those wondering if they will find selection in their size? Below in the comments I'll write the size categories and you like the size you are bringing. Ex: I have a little of each, so I'll like every category.
  • This is posted on curvy girl page so does that mean you will have plus size clothing exchange or is it just small to large? Curious
  • I have a fair amount of large tops but not sure if xl or plus size items are welcome at this swap. How was the turn out for xl and plus size options last time?
  • A pic of the last swap set up to give you an idea of the space!
  • So how does it work? One for one? As in bring one, swap one? Or???
  • Wish I could make it! Have fun!