03. March 2018 - 18:00 till 21:45
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BOTB at The Pavilion 2018 - Round 2 - Bands Announced! | The Pavilion | Saturday, 03. March 2018


- The Illustrious
- Aliens At Large
- Sleeping Machines

Are you in a band with one or more members under the age of 21?Want to battle it out against 3 other acts for a chance at Pavilion glory? Apply today!

We are opening up these battles to those who have competed last year but did not win there showcase! Please send details, links, press photos and all social media to caseyjoneswfr@gmail.com to apply. Bands that were previously in contact please contact again and send all the info as well.
  • Is this still on the 27th?
  • BAD NEWS! FLOODING! BOTB 2 RESCHEDULED So unfortunately in the storm the Pavilions basement flooded. This is where heat and power is controlled so we have to reschedule the BOTB for a later date. We are hoping for the last week of January providing that the bands can do it! Updates to come on the OVAV show as well Sorry and thank you for your continued support!
  • Aliens At Large here! Insanely excited to be involved for a second year with the pavilion in this battle royale of local music. We got a Youtube channel we would love for everyone to check out if so inclined! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDUprvv2Hwo check it!
  • Our fourth and final band for our battle is... THE ILLUSTRIOUS! Check them out here >> https://www.facebook.com/bandillustrious/
  • The third band to be announced for Battle number two is ... HECK YA BB! Check them out here > https://youtu.be/-B3F5HmGO4U
  • The second band to be announced for our battle is... Sleeping Machines! https://sleepingmachines.bandcamp.com
  • Our first band to be announced for the second battle of the bands is.... Aliens At Large Check out tunes at https://aliensatlarge.bandcamp.com And come see them play January 6th at the second battle of the bands at The Pavilion!