14. November 2017 - 19:00

Ableton Live Workshop Series w/ Aaron Klingbeil | Kamphyre | Tuesday, 14. November 2017

Join producer and recording engineer Aaron Klingbeil
(Spacefood) for bi-weekly classes on the fundamentals of using
Ableton Live to produce and record music.

This six-week, revolving course covers all areas of program functionality, including: setup, navigating workspaces, recording audio and MIDI, loading and launching clips, editing audio and MIDI data, saving and exporting, mixing theory, and basic synthesis techniques for sound design.

The course will demonstrate how to use Ableton devices, such as EQ 8 and Compressor, to achieve clean masters free of muddiness and ready for the Beatport.

Attendees will receive perks, such as free samples and discount codes for the Black Octopus store!

This course requires students to bring:
1. Their laptops
2. An instance of Ableton Live
3. Headphones
4. A method of taking notes

Course Schedule:

CLASS 01 -- November 14, 2017
- Program Set-Up
- Workspace Navigation
- Session View
- Working with Clips and Scenes

CLASS 02 -- November 28, 2017
- Creating Rhythm - Recording & Editing MIDI
- Loop Recording
- Software Instruments
- Manually Inputting MIDI notes
- Quantizing and Adjusting MIDI notes

CLASS 03 -- December 12, 2017
- Recording Audio
- The Arrangement View
- Editing in the Arrangement View
- Using Locators
- Editing Clips in Arrangements

CLASS 04 -- January 9, 2018
- Using the Live Mixer
- Mix Theory
- Signal Processing
- EQ & Filters
- Dynamics Processing
- Automation

CLASS 05 -- January 23, 2018
- MIDI Effects & Controllers
- Basic Synthesis Essentials
- Synthesizing Drum Sounds
- Synthesizing Bass Sounds

CLASS 06 -- February 6, 2018
- Performing with Live
- DJing with Ableton Live
  • This Tuesday, we are in for a treat! Wyley Kyoto has agreed to share his experience Djing with Ableton Live! You won't want to miss this one!
  • 1 on 1 catch-up Ableton classes are available today and tomorrow if you need a refresher before the next group lesson! My available timeslots for Monday, December 11 are: 4pm-6pm 6:30-8:30 Timeslots available for Tuesday are: 9am-11am 11:30am-1:30pm 2pm-4pm 1 on 1 Classes are $35/hr (Group classes are $10/hr) Purchase a bundle of 6 hours and save $60! PM me if you are interested!
  • I just found out about this now! I am very interested in learning this stuff and have zero experience. Is it open to super duper beginners? Would I be able to make up the first class somehow?
  • Sadly have to miss the one on the 9th of December, but I am so looking forward to these! Thanks :)