29. June 2019 - 8:15 till 16:45

The Ultimate Pedicure Class | Gatlinburg Convention Center | Saturday, 29. June 2019

The Ultimate Pedicure Class
From understanding diabetics, seniors and at-risk clients to specialty services, massage and best e-file and bit practices. This intensive eight-hour group of classes covers it all.
Over the years, we acquire vast amounts of experience and knowledge. This becomes the foundation for our day-to-day work in our respective foot care and pedicure practices.
Living in this fast-paced, high stressed, super-sized world, many of us forget or ignore our feet and often don’t realize the effect this lifestyle may have on the skin and nails of our clients’ feet. Our current knowledge may be insufficient to resolve, adequately address or correctly identify their issues.
Segment One: Transformational Pedicures with Footlogix (90 min)
Transform your pedicures with the 3 R’s – Recognize, Recommend and Refer. Learn how to educate your clients in preventative skin care management by understanding this rarely addressed area in pedicuring by practicing the 3 R’s. Become more pro-active instead of re-active and learn how to provide safe and effective pedicure services by incorporating Footlogix® into your existing pedicure. If you are a professional pedicurist, this seminar will help distinguish you from the rest of the industry and catapult your business ahead of your competitors.
Segment Two: Diabetics, Seniors and At-Risk Clients (2 hours)
With the increasing number of diabetics, seniors, and immuno-compromised clients demanding foot care services today, pedicures are becoming a risky business. This type of clientele is particularly vulnerable to abrasions and infections which in turn can lead to serious conditions including amputation. This in-depth seminar outlines precautions and best practices to use during pedicure services. You will learn how to do an in-depth consultation, evaluation and provide a safe service according to your client’s needs.
When you know what to look for and have the right products to help you, you will be specializing in an exciting and important area of health care that’s expanding daily. In addition, as science keeps people living longer and longer, your work will become even more needed and you will be able to take your pedicures to the next level.
Segment Three:   BS Brace, NanoFlex, E-files, Bits and Massage (4 hours) 
Boost Your Pedicure Business with À La Carte Services and Techniques. Take your pedicure business to the next level and exponentially increase your revenue with the addition of new “à la carte” services and time-saving techniques to your current offerings! This intensive seminar will include the revolutionary BS Brace toenail bracing technique, Fuzion toe nail reconstruction and the latest technology in electric files together with specialty pedicure bits to elevate and perfect your pedicure services. Learn how to set your pedicure business apart from others through the use of implements, bits and services. At the same time this will increase your revenue and streamline your services. This 4 -hour class will include illustrative and hands on techniques. Bring your e-file to participate in the demonstrations.
“Transform your pedicure services with profitable add-ons”