15. June 2019 - 10:00 till 11:00
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Let's Play Music Sample Class | Ms. Erin's Music Studio | Saturday, 15. June 2019

Have you ever wondered when you should start your child in piano lessons? Are group or private lessons better? Is ear training or note reading more important? When is vocal training appropriate? What are the benefits of a chord approach? Should young children learn to read notes before they read letters? The list of questions can go on and on, but I have the answers!
I am excited to introduce to you let's play music, an exciting, groundbreaking music curriculum that teaches advanced music skills to young children using age appropriate methods. A child learns best through play, experience, and discovery. Let's play music uses play as the medium through which difficult music concepts and skills are learned.
Because this is such an innovative approach to teaching music, I am anxious to give you and your child (age 4 to 6) an inside look into what you can expect from each and every class. I would like to invite you to attend a free sneak preview sample class.  There you can observe your child participating in class and ask any questions you may have I am positive that your experience will be enlightening, refreshing, and fun!
I understand that each child has individual needs and each family has unique musical goals. If after attending our class together, it's something you'd like your child to participate in, you will have the opportunity to pre register and secure a spot in class. However, if it isn't a good fit there will be no pressure, just music, fun, and play. So, why not look into your options? Either way it's a win-win!