22. September 2019 - 8:00
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Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training @ Red Pearl Yoga | Red Pearl Yoga | Sunday, 22. September 2019

LOVE YOGA?Ready to teach or just want to dive deeply into your practice?▸WeekEND: Sundays | 8am - 6pm | Sept - November▸Multi Leveled/Multi Style: Gentle Classical Hatha to Power Vinyasa Traditions▸Gain Confidence: w/ private mentoring & option to practice co-teaching public classes.▸Choose a Gentle Hatha or Vinyasa Flow Focus▸With Lisa Pumper, Ceci Lester, Kelly Brookbank & other well-respected Yoga ~ Mindful Living Educators and Health ProfessionalsThis premier Yoga training embarks you on a profound journey of self - discovery; and empowers you to become the best person you can be. Our program offers a holistic, well rounded, comprehensive training to build a foundation upon which to teach the ancient art & healing practice of Yoga. You will be encouraged to develop these skills in a way that draws from your own experience and personal practice - Gentle Hatha to Power Vinyasa styles.⇸ You do not need to have the desire to become a Yoga teacher to participate - Simply deepening your knowledge and experience can add so much to your practice and self knowledge.➨ COURSE TOPICS:● History & Philosophy: including but not limited to an Intro to 8-Fold Path of Raja Yoga, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Bhagavad-Gita, Yoga Sutras.● Sanskrit: Verbalizing this oral tradition, posture names, & mantras/chanting.● Hatha Yoga Theory & Techniques: Asana, Pranayama, Mudras, Bandhas & Meditation Techniques.● Anatomy & Physiology: Fundamentals of the human body and its mechanics. Relationship of key musculo-skeletal structures within asanas, Benefits and contraindications of postures. Anatomy of the subtle bodies. How to work with injuries and limitations.● Prana & Subtle Energies: Intro of various Pranayama practices. Vayus, Chakras, Koshas, & Nadis ● Teaching Methodology/Techniques, Practices & Integrations:Learn basic, intermediate and complex asanas.How to cue. Proper breath coordination. Lines of energy.Posture modifications/ variations. How to use props for supported postures. Intelligent & creative sequencing.Hands-on adjustments/assists.- Class planning. Setting a theme. Creating a supportive environment for self and students. Observing and reading students’ bodies.- Learn to teach a basic Hatha class and also Vinyasa class with optimal sequencing.Explore various lineages/styles: Vinyasa, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Yin Yoga, Kids, Prenatal, Kundalini and others*.● Practicum, Presentations & Exams: Private mentoring. Daily journaling. Develop a self/home practice. Opportunity to practice teach. Class & online participation required. Quizzes & final exams include teach a class and essay about your unique yoga journey.& MORE➨ Yoga Educators/ Mental Health Professionals:● Lisa Pumper ERYT, YACEP ~ Lisa has been leading yoga trainings & continue education in south Florida & beyond for over 14 years & has graduated over 500 teachers /health care professionals into the teaching of Yoga.Owner, yoga cOMmUNITY FL, Fort Lauderdale Beach Yoga, Zen Cruise● Cecilia Lester ERYT500, YACEP, IAYT, LMT, ViniYoga Therapist & Physical Therapist Asst. ● Kelly BrookbankRYT500, YACEP Owner Conley Yoga, Bija Yoga School, Yoga Fest ● Karen Gavrilov* Owner Red Pearl Yoga Studio, Yoga Teacher● Marlena Hasday* Licensed Psychotherapist & Yoga Teacher● Chloe Ravel* Yoga Teacher, Owner Gemini Rising
*(based on availability) 
➨ DATES:September - November- Graduation date TBA➨ TUITION: $2,900★ ONLY 10 spots available in training★ $200 deposit to hold your space.TO APPLY AND FIND OUT MORE DETAILS:➨ CONTACT: Lisa Pumper - 954.609.9074 or LisaPumper@Yahoo.com➨ East Lauderdale LOCATIONS:- Red Pearl Yoga Studio - 905 North Flagler Drive- Red Pearl pop up training at Mandala Yoga Center - 2449 NE 13th Ave