23. September 2018 - 14:00
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Festival of Tabernacles / Booths 2018 | Santee State Park | Sunday, 23. September 2018

We have discussed the plan for Tabernacles / Booths next year and have decided to do the week away from our local homes. Santee has been the discussion of the place everyone wanted to go due to it's location and being lake-front on Lake Marion. The idea for the event being planned so far in the future is that it gives everyone a year to financially plan and put in the date for vacation for work. If we are all there throughout the day(s) and do not leave, we can plan amazing studies, kids services, etc. throughout the days and have services in the evenings. These Taberncale events have been great every year but we want to take the event "up a notch" next year for an even greater experience! Start making your plans now (assuming we are still here) it should work to be a great time of fellowship and rejoicing!