09. July 2018 - 9:00

Standard Instructor Certification English and/or Western | Venture Stables | Monday, 09. July 2018

Do you want to be a Certfied Horse Back Riding Instructor????
Then this is perfect for you. Join us for a 5 day Certification clinic held at Venture Stables. July 9-13 2018
This clinic will also include basic trail riding.

Certified Horsemanship Association started in 1967 and has certified over 30,000 riding instructors, barn managers and trail guides!

Price for this Certification is $700.00
You will not be dissapointed. I took this Clinic and it was amazing! You are working with your peers learning, studying, teaching and growing together. This is a great environemnt to get comfortable with teaching or reaching that goal of being a Certified Instructor.

Skilled Instructors will be coming from away to put on this Clininc.

There is lots of information online and if you have any questions don't hesitiate to ask. Lunch and snacks will be provided each day and there are accomdations on site.

For information go visit

  • Also wondering if there is still room? And what level of riding should one be at. Iā€™m a rusty spur so would need to know how many lessons I would need to bring me up to par. Also need info in accommodations.
  • How can I sign up for this?
  • How can I sign up for this?
  • Is there still space available?
  • Are there prerequisites for taking this course? Thanks!
  • Amazing opportunity!! CHA clinics are the best value for certification. An action packed week of learning!
  • I wish this was in A different month and carson and I would go. šŸ˜ž.