10. February 2018 - 11:00
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Yoke Fest 2018 | Evolve Strength North | Saturday, 10. February 2018

Save the date! Yoke Fest 2018 will be hosted at Evolve North! This will be the first strongman competition and first Fundraiser competition at Evolve North.

Yoke Fest will be supporting The Mustard Seed's Mosaic Centre - Edmonton. All funds, after overhead costs, will be going to support this organization which is located in North East Edmonton. Please visit for more info.

Event List -

There will be a BBQ for everyone to purchase hot dogs and with assorted beverages, all profits will be also be donated.

Competitors will be competing in 5 variations of Yoke carries. 1st place prizes for winners of each weight class (HW and LW men's, HW and LW Women's)

Please contact YegYokeFest@gmail.com for any questions.
  • 5 days out! Competitors, please make sure to bring your signed waivers to compete on Saturday to the weigh-in/score desk!
  • Couple weeks out! Requesting athletes to show up between 11-1130 to weigh in and get your shirt. We will have a briefing to go over these rules at 1130. After the briefing athletes will have the opportunity to warm up. Show start for 12. Rules: 1. Respect the ref: What the ref says goes 2. ‎Yoke must not be dragged over the finish line, it must be carried. If the carry is not properly completed the ref will ask you to pick up the yoke and carry it a couple extra feet 3. You must try you best to stay in Your lane. We will have a women's lane and a men's lane 4. ‎Knee and elbow sleeves, lifting belts, mouth gaurds, lifting straps (for deadlift) and wrist wraps are allowed. Knee wraps are allowed only for the yoke ladder after the 5th progression. Other equipment is prohibited unless of medical reasons requiring something else (please contact me asap if this is the case) 5. ‎Each event has a 30 second time limit with the exception of the deadlift event which is 60 seconds 6. ‎Rules are subject to change
  • Can you explain more?...
  • Another sponsor - Wynncastle Homes Inc. has donated some money to assist with the costs of the events. WynnCastle Homes is Your Premier Custom Home Builder in Central Alberta, If you are looking to build a new home, contact us today to find out how we can help. It's your castle, well built. Visit:
  • Official photographer of the event will be CLB Images. Give him a follow on instagram (https://www.instagram.com/clb_images/)
  • Another last minute sponsor Warrior Bootcamp has donated some money to help with the costs with the event! The mission of Warrior Bootcamp is to help clients (tribe members) of all ages and skill levels reach their optimum fitness. Whether it’s increased strength, conditioning, recovery, mobility, or fat loss we can take on anybody willing to put in the effort to change themselves physically and mentally into the person they envision themselves being. Offering In-Person training ranging from One-On-One to Large Group Training as well as Online Training we most certainly have a training option that can work for you!
  • Last minute sponsor! Pleased to welcome Supplement King! 1st place winners get a little treat
  • Event 4 has some weight changes on it to make our loaders lives a lot easier. Each round will go up 90lbs instead of jumping between 100lbs and then 80lbs.
  • Good news and Bad news - Bad news - We are only at 7 competitors, to be able to break even our fees we need 16. Good news - You have 17 days to sign up! Get those forms in by January 19 so we can get your shirts printed.
  • We will be having Monster Energy stopping by to hand out some samples during the event. Upon Coca Cola's request, we are unable to use their logo at this time
  • FREE GIVEAWAY! - Want to win a food voucher* to redeem at the event? Post the event logo to your Facebook News Feed, share the event to your Facebook News Feed or Post the Event Logo to your Instagram (comment user name so I can verify as well) and comment "done" on this post! Winner will be drawn January 3th, 2018. Last submission accepted January 1st, 2018 at 2100hrs. *Food voucher - 2 drinks, 2 food items
  • Only 5 signed up so far! Cut off date is going to be mid January so we have time to print shirts. Get them forms in!
  • Second sponsor of the event! United Cycle Source For Sports here in Edmonton!
  • Announcing our first sponsor! Pizza 73. Follow them on Instagram (@pizza_73) and Twitter (@pizza73). A little gift will be given to all competitors!
  • Looking good for me on The 115+ group :) . I'll find out more certainly next weekend When I'm back on shift and the vacation selections are more complete
  • Some of you have been waiting to sign up because you didn't know the weights. Here ya go! So far we only have 1 person signed up and fees paid. You spoke, we answered - Event 3 and 5 have been decided. The weights have been decided (Subject to change). Weight classes have been set. That being said If we need to balance the mens classes a little as the event gets closer we will adjust it. Sign up with this link! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2LyMphhZMmLb3VKak43d1NRNjg?usp=sharing
  • Hey guys, I've had a few concerns about the overhead event (some people are thinking they're not capable of pressing the yoke from shoulder height) - You will not be required to shoulder press the yoke. Please watch the video attached on how this event will be ran.
  • Hey guys, please click the link below to access any of the forms - Volunteer opportunities, company sponsorships, and Competitor sign ups! The link is also posted in the description of the event! Thanks! Feel free to email this link below to anyone!
  • Here are the events for Yoke Fest 2018!
  • WHAAAAAAAAT! I really hope I'm off that day!