13. November 2017 - 15:30
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Winter Green Shack at Bonnie Doon Playground | Bonnie Doon Community League | Monday, 13. November 2017

After the success of the Summer Greenshack program, Bonnie Doon will be getting a Winter Greenshack program starting November 13th and running until December 6th.

The program will run on Monday's and Wednesday's from 3.30pm - 6.00pm and on Saturdays from 1.00pm - 5pm.

For Ages: 6-12 years
(children under 6 must be supervised by a parent or guardian)
Cost: Free

Join in games, sports, crafts, music, drama and special events. You'll find a list of upcoming activities and special events posted on the side of the Green Shack each week. If there's a game or activity that you'd like to play, just ask the Program Leader.

Program staff are employed by the City of Edmonton. More info here:

Programming is still available on rainy/snowy days but will be cancelled during severely inclement weather.
  • Come on out to Green Shack today, the weather is great for outdoor fun! Drop off the kids if they are over 6 :)
  • Did anyone go on the winter green shack yet? We have queries coming in as to whether they do any of the programming indoors in the rink shack. If you were at the last session, could you let us know how it went? Do they have a fire pit running? thanks.
  • FREE Drop-in Green Shack program starts tomorrow at 3.30pm at Bonnie Doon Park! The City of Edmonton's Green Shack program is running in select locations in the winter months. Join in on games, sports, crafts, music, drama and special events for children ages 6 to 12. We have 11 sessions scheduled for Bonnie Doon.