16. February 2018 - 6:00
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Winefest Edmonton | Shaw Conference Centre | Friday, 16. February 2018

Winefest Edmonton is a 2 day event being held from 16th February to 17th February 2018 at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Canada. This event showcases products like wine ,sprit ,sparkling, fruit, sources of food, ingredients, processing and packaging equipments, spices, utensils, glassware, baking needs, dairy and meat processing equipments much more etc. in the Consumer & Carnivals, Wine & Spirits industries.
  • Shauna Pilger & Laceigh Zingle you guys should come with us! Summer Mace
  • Kayla Cherise let’s go
  • Summer Mace you wanna
  • Jeny round two? 😂😂
  • Jane D'Lane let’s do it again!
  • I last went to Winefest several years ago, (Edmonton,) and although I enjoyed myself I was left feeling a little disappointed. There was very little for me to eat and only a handful of vendors could explain how their wines were processed. Please realize that the vegan population is growing rapidly and we have wallets! Consider offering more food that is suitable for us, and ask vendors to understand that there are those of us who need to know if any animal products such as fish bladders, dairy, etc. are used in the production of their wines. This extends to those with allergies and religious reasons as well. It makes sense to expand your target audience!
  • Do you know if your vendors will be more educated this year? I love wine, but I can't have any dairy or fish in mine. Last time I went, most couldn't help me out :/
  • Now if only someone made mini wine advent calendars. Now there is an untapped market....available in the US and the UK but no one ships to Canada.
  • Eleanor Rigby
  • You should start opening up to the plant based diet followers at your event. We are a growing population that will no longer be ignored. We have money and also love wine, but ethical vegan wine paired with plant based cheese and food that isn't soaked with the death of other mammals would be greatly appreciated 🤗💖
  • I have gone in the past and won't be attending. Most vendors couldn't tell me what wines were vegan and there was virtually no food that was cruelty free. When this event caters more to vegans I may consider going again. Winefest, please consider making changes.
  • Rebecca Gutscher this could be fun??
  • Terri Sandnes your kind of festival
  • Lindsay Dawn round 2? LOL
  • 6am huh?
  • Lauren Nelson for your birthday?
  • Round 2?? Karen Diaz- Hernandez
  • Kayla Spellman this seems like your type of event :p
  • Amanda Barr
  • Sarah Rozak Braylin Jantz Joanne Gagné
  • Heather Marie for your bday?!
  • Colin Vanthournout It's like its meant to be :D
  • Scirocco early birthday festivity?
  • When are tickets available and how much are they ? The website doesn’t give any information
  • Erin Marie just an idea.... 😍🍷🥂