12. January 2018 - 19:30 till 21:30
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Revive Your Vibe 6 Month Weight Loss and Wellness Group | Above Average Yoga | Friday, 12. January 2018

Join us for the 2018 Edition of REVIVE YOUR VIBE Women's Weight Loss and Wellness Gatherings

This is a 6 month program in which we will meet once per month as a group and will have a Facebook Group in between for check ins and discussion.

What we wish for this space to create is:

~healing your relationship with food, the self and others
~helping to realize you are not along
~create a sisterhood of women that know what its like
~ a more holistic approach to weight loss
~loving your body right now, but also knowing its ok to want to change
~learning new tools for stress management
~creating time and space that is all yours to explore YOU


~You will also get a private 1 on 1 session(20 min) with Trista Davis. This will include, calculating your basic metabolic rate, looking at a eating plan that may work for you, if you would not like an eating plan Trista can still provide you with different recipes to try based on your dietary needs! Weigh In if you would like.

~ 6 in person weight loss Women's circles where we will dive deeper into the emotional part of weight gain/loss through different mediums such as journalling, essential oils, herbs, teas etc. There will be take aways and take homes each and every class.

In each session there will be optional discussion and sharing (you can always pass) being witnessed, creating, worksheets, journalling working with self love, self care, meditation, yoga, and so much more. Enjoy the loose outline below:

Session 1- Forming your WHY

~Find Your Why, break down the REAL reason why you are ready to make a change, what are you willing and not willing to do, figure out the tools you need to move forward, create a lifestyle contract.
~Create Remembering Your WHY cards
~Bonded through thread exercise
~LOVE your body meditation

Session 2- Taking Down the Wall,, Affirmation and Probiotics

~Eat your probiotics, learn about gut health and creating a healthier gut without taking pills
~Take down the wall Meditation
~Heart to Heart Meditation
~Create Affirmation Cards

Session 3 Creating a Love Affair with Food
~Mindful Eating Exercise
~Create Self Love OIl
~Learn two short and simple yoga sequences you can to quickly anytime anywhere in any clothing to calm and focus and just move a little bit
~Learn Alternate Nostril Breathing
~Learn SA TA NA MA Meditation

Session 4- Redesign
~Redesign and Refine Your Day
~working with daily practices
~Knotting Intentions
~Create Craving Crushing Oil
~Exhaling Burdens Mediation
~Measuring Success

Session 5- Meal Planning and Prep, Speaking with our Inner Child
~Create Mason Jar Salads
~Create Simple Dressings
~Sample Unique Flavored Water
~Make the perfect Green Smoothie
~Veggie Recipe Sharing
~Root Chakra Healing
~Begin to Heal the Inner Child

Session 6- Creating Freedom With Food, Eating Out, Nourishing vs feeding
~ Learn about and taste nutritive teas, make teas to take home
~learn how to make different food choices at restaurants and family events
~ potluck
~staying committed and connected
~fire fear release
~Sisterhood Silk Painting
~SACRED Salt Bowl Manifestation

Additional Services will be available to those that would like to explore them such as yoga, meditation and regular check ins or continued in depth meal plans

Make 2018 different and explore what is behind the weight to help create real change.

ALL THIS for only $175

Only 15 women will be in the program. There will be no refunds or substitutions with with program, if you can't make it the material will be provided to you as best as possible.

Fridays from 7:30-9:30pm
Dates are: January 12
February 9
March 9
April 20
May 11
June 15

Questions? Call Trista at 780-999-5808