10. February 2018 - 20:00
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Peter and The Wolves w/ Confusionaires & DiceCubes - Hilltop Pub | Hilltop Pub | Saturday, 10. February 2018

Howlin' Pete and his Wolves will rock you back in time and you'll want to shake it like it's 1955! From hard hitting original rock and roll to your favourite classics you may have forgotten you loved, you're gonna swing, shimmy and shake all night long.

Calgary's Peter and The Wolves!!

Fat Dave Johnston’s distinctive guitar sound coupled with his keen gift for songwriting is ultimately what attracted the bass monster Jayson Aschenmeier (read: Aschenmonster), and Fat Dave’s penchant for musical chaos is what first attracted drumming phenom, Adam Stark to complete the ****. Keep an eye out for this undeniable traditional rock & roll experience.

The Confusionaires - Some fun new Edmonton Rockabilly!

Hailing from Edmonton, AB, The Dice Cubes are a Rockabilly combo that brings high intensity and melodies that swing, channeling the raucous energy of the likes of Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis. Lead singer-songwriter James Harapiak can croon out a love song or pound out a frantic groove while guitarist Dawson Walker rips out the rockabilly licks with the skill of a seasoned professional. Bassist Sean Gristwood slaps the upright bass guitar like he means it, and drummer extraordinaire Tim Resaul backs it all up with wicked rhythm. With one self-produced record under their belts, the Dice Cubes are set to record their sophomore effort in 2017.

The Dice Cubes