31. January 2018 - 19:30

Love & Information by Caryl Churchill | Allard Hall | Wednesday, 31. January 2018

Love and Information is an unusual and unique state-of-the-world play by one of the world’s leading playwrights. Caryl Churchill examines, explores, celebrates and questions where we are in our contemporary society. How does the information that makes us human—our feelings, dreams and minds—negotiate a world adrift in a sea of internet, religion, mathematics, communication, news and Facebook? But rather than giving us an answer or presenting a moral tale, Churchill offers up snapshots of ourselves, existing, loving and figuring, and it is up to us to decide what we make of it.

Thought provoking, deeply poignant and dazzling, Love and Information’s 57 mini plays straddle 90 minutes of stage time, with an ensemble cast tackling more than a hundred questioning, frustrated and fascinated characters.

Directed by Dave Horak, Love and Information will be presented in the brand-new state of the art Theatre Lab in Allard Hall. See you there!


Kayleigh Tetreault
Meredith Shewchuk
Elizabeth Chamberlain
Everett Havet
Ceris Backstrom
Victoria Skorobohach
Rebecca Curtis
Josh Travnik
Megan Beaupré
Kendra Humphrey
Alyson Horne
Anthony Hurst
Riley Smith
Chiara Tate-Penna
Daniela Fernandez
Amalia Gonzalez Chovanec
Chariz Faulmino
Ricky Rivera
Bella King
Jackie Kucey
Stephanie Swensrude
Basia Rogers